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The Best Flake Ice for Catering at the Establishments You Love!

Hotels, resorts, restaurants, supermarkets, casinos—pop up shops and mobile food trucks. What do they all have in common? Besides all the food and drink that you love—industries like these use Howe Rapid Freeze ice flakers to keep their products (your … Continue reading

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Top 5 Ways Flake Ice Adds to Summertime Fun

Flake ice plays a serious role in many areas: from keeping seafood fresh and safe to contributing to future sustainability with natural refrigerants.  However, flake ice isn’t all serious business; in fact, it plays an important part in some of … Continue reading

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Keeping Seafood Cold and Fresh with Flake Ice

For Seafood, the Oldest Refrigeration Method is Still the Best It was once a tell-tale sign that you were of a certain generation if you called your household refrigerator the “icebox.”  While the electric household refrigerator made its official debut … Continue reading

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Setting the Standard with Energy Star

In 1992, the Energy Star program was created by the U. S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) under the Clean Air Act.  It has served for 23 years to help identify the most energy efficient products possible, saving businesses and individuals … Continue reading

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Differences among Ice Flakers

Despite what appearances might suggest, not all ice machines are created equal. There are many ice machines on the market that produce different amounts, types and quality of ice. To differentiate among the competing brands and models of commercial ice … Continue reading

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