Factory Certified Rebuild Program for Rapid Freeze Ice Equipment

Factory Certified Rebuild Program - Cross Section

Since 1912, the name Howe Corporation has stood for quality, service and uncompromising commitment to excellence. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that Howe Corporation offers one of the industries only "Factory Certified Rebuild Programs" to our Rapid Freeze Flake Ice Equipment customers. This program can greatly extend the life and efficiency of your machine by replacing worn components and adjusting tolerances back to original factory settings. It may also explain why so many Rapid Freeze Flakers are still operating, which are over 40 years old.

To have your machine rebuilt, simply contact Howe Corporation customer service department via email or phone for a Return Material Authorization (RMA). This number is for tracking purposes only. Then just remove the machine from service and return it to Howe Corporation with the RMA number prominently displayed on the unit.

Once the unit is received at our factory we will disassemble, inspect and offer a written quotation for the work involved and return freight costs. When a purchase order is issued, we will proceed with rebuilding the unit and ship it back to the address requested.

An inspection fee of US$500.00 is charged for disassembling the machine for inspection. This inspection fee is credited fully, if you approve the work required to rebuild the equipment. The typical time required for a Factory Certified Rebuild is 3-4 weeks. Shipping times vary according to distance and methods of transportation. If you do not have an open account with Howe Corporation, full payment is required before the work begins.

For more information on this and other Howe Corporation Factory Programs, please feel free to email us at parts@howecorp.com.