Howe Continues to Improve After Sales Support with New Refrigeration Service Manager

Jason has a refrigeration background dealing mainly in cascade refrigeration, pharmaceutical cold chain storage, and has experience with tissue culture equipment. Jason spent eight years at his last company growing from a field technician to technical support and finishing his post as National Service Manager handling all of North America, Central America and South America’s. Jason last position was at a sales and service arm of a large multinational laboratory equipment manufacturer. Jason primarily lead the teams dealing with field support, technical support, warranty support, and assisting with quality control reporting to the QA team at the global headquarters.

Jason’s skills and experience will allow Howe Corporation to offer more technical services to customers.

Service Offerings will include Equipment Commissioning, On-Site Training, Training at Howe HQ, and On-Site Repair consultations.

As Howe Corporations continues to expand its customer base, we know the growing Service Department here will always exceed our customer’s expectations and we are confident Jason can lead the Service Department with the quality service and support our customers have come to expect.

Howe Offers Onsite Ice Machine Commissioning

Commissioning of equipment is often a rushed step after installation.  Many times, it is rushed to help keep the costs low to the customers and installation contractors. Many important details can be easily overlooked even by knowledgeable technicians.  Howe technical service personnel can help ensure the success of the commissioning process. Howe personnel will check installation on the refrigeration side and electrical side, will assist in the start-up process to ensure the machine is set properly to get optimal performance and longevity out of the equipment. All warranty registration paperwork will be filled out on site as well as Howe personnel going over maintenance schedules with the team that maintains refrigeration equipment at your site.

Howe Offers Service Training for Ice Machine

Howe technical experts can provide training to your contractor or your facilities staff to ensure:

  • Proper Installation and start-up of the ice machine
  • Maintenance
  • Hands on Troubleshooting
  • Extensive Question and Answer Session
  • Electronic and Printed Service Manual
  • Video Library of Service Procedures
  • Printed Presentation with Notes Section
  • Certificate of Completion for each attendee

You can learn more about our flake ice products and company by staying in touch through our blog, Twitter, and LinkedIn accounts.

Below please find Jason’s direct contact information and feel free to reach out to him!

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Howe’s Expanding with New Costa Rica Location!

Since 1912 Howe has continued to be the proven best choice in the Ice Flaker marketplace, and because of our continued success in Central America, we have expanded our sales locations to include beautiful San José, Costa Rica. Here, the “Rican” saying of ‘Pura Vida’ paves the way for Howe to provide our robust quality flake ice machines to the region.  As industry leader know, without the coldest and longest lasting ice, the Central American region would be deprived of fresh quality food, discounting the Rican ‘Only life’ mantra.

San José provides the region comprised of Costa Rica, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Guatemala, and Honduras, the ability to quickly access replacement

parts and equipment while enjoying the benefits of CAFTA (Central American Free Trade Agreement). Locals enjoy virtually duty-free imports while benefiting from the superior craftsmanship of the Chicago made ice-flake technology and an efficient supply chain that delivers lower lead-times to market process.

Affording industry leaders with Howe’s quality is a natural fit as Central American’s are demanding increased food processing and safety standards; not to mention all of the benefits that an Energy-Star partner provides in helping maintain lower operating costs.

The new office is located in Escazú, a short 30-minute drive from the international airport and has quick access to major industrial and supermarket retailers in the area. The office, complete with in-stock machinery, parts, service, and sales representatives, is now local and open for business at your service.

So, if your travels bring you to San José, or if you’re a Central America local, give us a call or better yet, stop in and say hello to find out why Howe is synonymous with Pura Vida.

For the Spanish version of our website please click here.

Keep an eye on our blog page, Twitter, and LinkedIn for more Howe Corp. updates!

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We’ve Got a List of Delicious Frozen Drink Recipes to Stay Cool this Summer!

In the midst of the summer heat what better way to kick back and relax than with a frothy, ice cold drink? Trust the flake ice experts at Howe with these fun recipes we’ve broken down based upon your weekly plans. They’re good for on-the-go or to make at home with your own special touch too!

  1. Snow Cones: This treat is great for both children and adults! No planned activities to fill up your day? Perfect–try visiting the ball park, regular park, or zoo to enjoy some quality time outside with this cold drink. A delicious avalanche of cool is always a guaranteed crowd pleaser.

Ingredients: 2 cups white sugar (pure cane or granulated), 1 cup water, 1 package Kool-Aid (interchange with an option like fruit-flavored soft drink mix or flavored syrup), paper cup(s) full of shaved ice, number varying based upon how many individuals are spending the day together!

  1. Fruit Smoothies: Again, this option is ideal for both kids and adults. Give kids a healthy treat to add a burst of enthusiasm to their sports games. Pair with a salty snack like pretzels and you’ve hit the jackpot! Also, if you’re exercising later, this works wonders before or after your workout.

Ingredients: This will vary depending on the flavor you want–we like strawberry/banana! 1 quart diced strawberries, 1 chopped banana, 2 cups flake ice ;), and blend to your desired consistency! To make this delicacy sweeter, try adding a flavored fruit juice. Go 100% fruit to skip the processed sugar all together.

  1. Frozen Margaritas: Adults only! Just what you need for a night out on the town, to spice up girls-night, or enjoyably shared in with your significant other.

Ingredients: Get the blender ready! Triple sec, tequila, lime juice, ice, and salt around the rim. Amounts vary depending on the type of bartender you are and the pour you have! But we’ll recommend two quarts flake ice, 1 can of frozen limeade (concentrate), 12 ounces of total liquor (broken up to your personal preference and satisfaction). Add lime and salt for added flavor!

  1. The Classic Mint Mojito: Adults only! Have this refreshing choice hanging out by the pool, at the beach bar, or on the lake with friends.

Ingredients: 10 fresh mint leaves, 1 lime, a sprinkle of white sugar, 1 ½ fluid ounces of rum, ½ cup of club soda, served on ice (your choice of cube, crushed, slushed, or flake).

  1. Frozen Sangria: Adults only! Who doesn’t have a glass of wine after work? Indulge during personal Netflix and chill time!

Ingredients: 2 pints your choice of fruit flavored sorbet (ex: raspberry), ½ a lime, ½ a bottle of Cabernet (this can also vary pending preference of white or red, sweet or dry). Adding real berries to the top will give you that extra dazzle you’re looking for! Not to mention, it will make your sangria more flavorful too! If you’re interested in a thicker consistency, flake ice is the ideal option. 

Are you ready for a frozen drink yet? We are too! Let’s breakaway from the computer (after you check out our incredible flake ice options!) and select a delightful indulgence that matches your summer plans above!

In need of a flake ice machine for your business or next event? Contact the Howe Corp. team today!

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Support the Produce Industry: The United Fresh Expo is this Week

About the Show

The United Fresh Expo  will be held at the Chicago’s McCormick Place in the West Hall from June 13th through the 15th.  Although the Howe Corporation will not be exhibiting at the event, our office and plant are located within few miles of the McCormick Place and we would happy to meet to review the benefits of Howe Ice in the produce industry.  Attendees and exhibitors are welcome to tour our plant, see how our equipment is manufactured and touch our ice.   Please contact us to schedule your tour.

The event will showcase the latest in creative produce items, fresh food trends, and cutting edge industry tools and technology, including networking and leading industry education opportunities, a consultation center where you can speak to the experts, and last but not least, new produce awards. New to the show this year: robotics and supply chain technology, and conference sessions to help industry professionals grow their business. Simply put, the United Fresh Expo is produce innovation at its best.

Through networking you will find both family companies and global corporations from across the board, giving you the opportunity to nurture new and old business relationships, with contract options also available. Retailers, wholesalers, food service companies and new channel buyers will all be in attendance. The ultimate goal of the conference: to build long-term success for members/attendees and to continuously grow produce consumption.

New to the show this year is the Organic Produce Showcase, highlighting new products and organic providers. Some of the new features include prepared meal solutions, convenient snacks, a variety of fresh juices, salsas, soups, dips, and more. Other focuses include the fresh-cut processing sector, farm to table, mechanical harvesting, robotics, packaging and food safety.

Think Globally, Act Locally

One initiative Howe is proud to back is “think globally, act locally.” For more about growing the local food market, revisit our article, “Preserving Foods at the Local Level.” A common industry thread is the effort to help raise visibility to keep local economies sustainable. United Fresh Expo very clearly backs this mission as well. Benefits entail high levels of flavors and nutrients from crops picked at their peak, less travel distances saves energy, and there is less chance for contamination and food spoilage which ultimately eliminates waste. Buying food from a local supplier also helps farmers to receive retail prices as opposed to selling products for wholesale and nearly at-cost leading to minimal profit.

Howe’s mission is to keep your food fresh and safe. As we know, maintaining the quality of freshly harvested food can be a challenge. One of the most reliable and time-honored methods is using flake ice. For over 50 years, Howe Corporation has helped the produce industry keep their products fresh.

Here’s the breakdown of Howe flake ice:

·        Flake ice surface area gives exceptional cooling capabilities

·        Compared to the competition our ice has fewer sharp edges that can damage food

·        Since our ice is the coldest/longest lasting YOU SAVE in labor, water, and energy

·        Flake ice helps local farmers display fresh and fully hydrated food

·        Display is appealing for MAXIMIZING YOUR SALES

Howe is Your Provider of Premium Ice Machines

Howe flake ice machines help local food producers ship, preserve, and display harvests. We offer a number of long-lasting machines that produce ice at all different volumes, perfect for fresh foods of all kinds. To learn more about our flake ice machines and how they can add quality and value to all levels of local food production and your business, please contact us today.

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BBQ Time – Keep it Cold

BBQ season is coming around the corner, and while plenty of folks will be focused on getting their grills and smokers cleaned and ready to go, here at Howe Corporation we’ve got a different concern – making sure that meat stays chilled and as fresh as possible, from the stream or pasture all the way to your grill. Steak, sausage, seafood, and even chicken can all benefit from what we do here at Howe.





At Howe, we specialize in flake-ice machines that create dry, flat flakes of ice. By creating thin flakes with high surface area, the ice provides more cooling capacity. As ice is harvested straight from the evaporator, there is no need for heating cycles to release the ice, and constant squeegee action keeps moisture from building up. Not only does this make flake ice energy-efficient, but it also prevents the flakes from fusing together. We can meet your needs with 1,000 lbs. through 20,000 lbs. of flake ice per day with energy and maintenance savings.

So what makes flake ice the best option for cooling your BBQ meat? Unlike other forms of ice, flake ice creates even coverage all over the meat, so there is temperature uniformity. This means the ice can go straight from cooling to the grille, without worrying that certain parts of the cut may need a longer cook time due to uneven cooling. As it does not have the sharp edges or corners of cubes and nuggets, there is less risk of ice cuts or bruising to the meat.

This ability to provide the optimal meat cooling ice was one of the reasons we were such a hit at trade shows like the International Meat Expo and the Annual Meat Conference. The former, a three-day international event held in Atlanta in late January, concentrated on the innovation in cooling, while providing valuable education to attendees. The latter, held in Texas in late February, focused more for meat retailers.

At tradeshows, our team from Howe is commonly on hand to demonstrate how our flake ice machines provide efficient, effective cooling for supermarkets, butchers, fisheries, and other industries. Helping clients understand the benefits of our machine will help to provide fish and meats that are perfectly cooled and displayed in an eye-catching manner.

To find out how flake ice machines can be the right fit for your meat-cooling needs – or other needs, as flake ice is perfect for tasks such as rapidly removing field heat, cooling during transportation, and preservation for the best quality,  long-lasting products.  Get in touch with our team here at Howe. You can also get regular updates through our Twitter and LinkedIn pages, and keep an eye on our blog for useful information!

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See Howe at Seafood Expo NA

March might go in like a lion and come out like a lamb but the middle is all about seafood! It’s that time of year again when we head to Boston for the annual Seafood Expo North America (NA). We’ve been attending for 20 years and still consider this the highlight of our year.

Seafood Expo NA will be held on March 19-21 at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center in Boston, MA. As last year, Howe will occupy Booth #1464. Join us and be part of the excitement surroundings where global seafood leaders will come together. Howe top product experts will be ready to explain the benefits of flake ice, answer questions on cooling with flake ice, and demonstrate the making of flake ice with our running 2000-lb flake ice machine. We will also have a large capacity 5-ton flake ice machine in our booth.

This event gives us the opportunity to showcase our outstanding capabilities in the refrigeration industry. With over 100 years in business, we have seen the evolution of cooling and refrigeration equipment. The RapidFreeze® line of ice flakers delivers up to 20,000 lbs. of ice per day extremely economically. More cooling capacity is achieved with flake ice than any other form of ice such as tube, plate, shell, or crushed.

Because of flake ice’s superior cooling properties, it is an ideal cooling medium for seafood. Flake ice provides more surface area for cooling fish and seafood products to uniform temperatures, cushions products against damage, and reduces weight loss from dehydration that occurs in other types of refrigeration. In addition, flake ice sparkles more than other ice making products appear more attractive in displays as it preserves its freshness

As a special offering to our customers, we would like everyone to be able to attend Seafood Expo for free. This VIP Invitation gives you access to the exhibit hall to make new connections, find new products, and tap into invaluable industry expertise that can be applied to your business. We’d also like to invite you stop by our booth (#1464) and say hello!

We hope to see you at Seafood Expo NA! Follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn to stay connected to us throughout the show and remember to read our blog to see what we’re up to next!

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Ice Usage in the Poultry Industry

At the most recent International Production & Processing Expo, 1,200 exhibitors and 30,000 visitors packed into the Georgia World Congress Center to learn about the latest technological advancements and issues facing the industry. The ultimate aim of the show is to connect buyers and sellers. Although we were not able  to attend this year, we kept an eye on the latest updates to support organization participation and emphasize the necessities for the poultry, meat, and feed industries.

Today, the poultry industry is addressing labeling “fresh.” The USDA has ruled that to be labeled as a fresh product,  stores must assure that raw whole poultry or cuts of poultry have never reached a temperature below 26 °F.  At 26°F, the products are still pliable and soft to the touch, meeting consumer’s expectations of fresh poultry.

Fresh poultry must be chilled within hours and maintained from 26 °F to 40 °F. This temperature range means no increased microbiological risk. With proper handling, storage fresh poultry poses no greater health risk than frozen products.  Additionally,  the quality will be much improved and offers the ability to be used immediately. No thaw time required!

Our flake ice equipment allows the poultry industry to keep products at the right temperatures during processing, distribution, and storage. We have been working with the industry for over 50 years to keep products fresh even before the official label went into effect.  Our subcooled flake ice removes heat from product after slaughter and during processing.  It is also used for storage and topping off shipping cartons. It’s flat, thin shape will provide full contact and not harm outer skin of the product.  With the most surface contact area of any other form of ice, the cooling capacity maintains the ideal temperatures of fresh poultry while also preserving the meat’s moisture levels which adds to the quality and increase profits.

With flake ice models designed for every aspect of the poultry industry, we are able to meet the capacity needs of large-scale processors and wholesalers as well as local poultry retail outlets. We make it our mission to deliver the most appropriately sized ice flakers to maintain the safety and quality of all types of fresh poultry!

You can learn more about Howe’s products and the company by staying in touch with us through our blog, Twitter, and LinkedIn accounts!

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StorePoint Fresh is January 22nd-25th!

StorePoint Fresh, previously known as StorePoint, will be taking place at the JW Marriott Desert Ridge Resort & Spa this January 22nd to the 25th in Phoenix, AZ.

At the well-planned conference, specific leading executives across the industry are invited to meet with suppliers one-on-one in 15-minute boardroom conferences. Presentations include the most high-end products on the market today with content sessions to explain all ends of commodities. The pre-designed agenda is set to maximize exposure for both executives and suppliers.

StorePoint Fresh has a proven record of connecting top leaders, such as senior level chain executives from the most qualified clubs, convenience stores, supermarkets, and wholesalers to leading suppliers who successfully deliver innovative products to the field. Both executives and suppliers alike seek new networking opportunities and eventual partnerships to heighten all sides of the business. This topnotch “interactive social event” ultimately harvests new and strong relationships to move forward with in the New Year.

Howe Corp. will be one of the industry leaders presenting to interested executives at StorePoint Fresh. Started in 1912, our commitment to build refrigeration equipment that would keep customers for a lifetime is still the forefront of our mission today. For over 100 years, we haven’t lost sight of the basics – to design and build high quality flake ice machines. Howe is the Proven Best Choice. Executives still have time to request a one-on-one meeting at the conference. Make sure to schedule yours today!

Read some of these testimonials off of the StorePoint Fresh website from previous conferences:

“​Most productive and informative time I spend every year with the vendor community. Great learning experience that never fails to develop a relationship with someone with whom I have not previously done business.”
-​Ahold USA

“StorePoint is the leader in connecting retailers and suppliers through an extraordinarily well-organized format that fosters relationship building, both personally and professionally.”
-​​Giant Eagle

We look forward to seeing you there!

For more information on StorePoint Fresh or our company products follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn or contact us today.

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Howe Corp. Exhibits at the Pacific Marine Expo this November!

The Pacific Marine Expo starts November 17th through the 19th at Centurylink Field Event Center in Seattle, Washington. The Expo is the West Coast’s largest commercial marine trade show. There is something for every professional in the marine industry at the conference. Howe Corp. has been a leader in refrigeration for perishables, production, and preservation since 1912. As a leading supplier of flake ice equipment for all sectors across the seafood industry from fishing vessels to processors, wholesalers, transportation companies and retail markets, we look forward to the abundance of industry information, demonstrations, and new and old contacts that will be at the exhibition.

Interested in learning more about our products? Come visit the Howe Corp. team at booth 110 at the conference!

We will have two flake ice machines on the show floor. The first is our Model 21ESS 4000 lbs daily production capacity seawater shipboard unit, and the second is our running 2000 lb unit which will be making fresh crisp flake ice on the floor too.

Last year’s show was an enjoyable way to interact with other industry experts in the field. White Glacier set up a large swimming pool to test out their submerge suit. With the plethora of ice that our team had to dispose of from the exhibit, we worked alongside White Glacier adding our ice to their pool to contribute to the test and example of their product.

This year the show is predicted to have over 450 exhibitors on the floor including equipment companies, propulsion, builders, suppliers and more. Stimulating events include presentations by well-known businesses such as the Seattle Kitchen Radio Show and contests like the Fisherman of the Year Award.

Playing a vital role in the seafood and refrigeration industries, we look forward to sharing our wealth of knowledge at the expo. Our flake ice equipment keeps food fresh from catch to delivery and display.

Don’t miss out on the excitement of this three-day event and remember to stop by booth 110 for our fresh flake ice made from our top quality machines! Our friendly staff looks forward to answering any questions you might have about our vital involvement in your industry!

For further information on our products, please contact us today!

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Howe Salutes the Manufacturing Day Initiative. Plays Vital Role in Food Production & Preservation

Few things on the planet are more precious than the supplier of energy and sustenance – food. Our population has been growing rapidly, and most experts concur that it will not be possible to meet the increasing demand for food unless there are better preservation and utilization of the plant and animal produce that we are currently “harvesting” from the earth.

One key reason behind food waste is food spoilage and public perception.

First and foremost, consumers want food items that are fresh and have low bacteria and pathogen counts. It is a basic amenity that all civilized nations take for granted. However, lately, because of spiking awareness around how toxic chemicals have permeated our food chain, people are being forced to re-consider the judiciousness of eating processed foods or foods that have been thermally treated to extend the shelf life.

This is where products like flake ice step in.

Maintaining a sufficiently low temperature of food items across the supply chain is one of the most natural ways to inhibit bacterial growth. Using flake ice is a good way to accomplish this goal.

The importance of ice and refrigeration to the food and beverage industry, and thus to the world, is undeniable.

Howe’s Legacy and Its Role in Better Food Utilization:

Started in 1912 with the simple goal of manufacturing refrigeration equipment and flake ice makers that retain customers for centuries, Howe has been a market leader for more than 100 years. Because of our extensive legacy and commitment to excellence, the company possesses a rare co-mingling of experience and technological proficiency which guarantees products that are both water and power efficient.

Howe has been contributing significantly to improving cooling methods for the food and beverage industry and reducing water and electricity waste. In the long run both efforts are bound to have a positive impact on a global scale.

This is one of the reasons we have been honored with the “Manufacturer of the Year Award” presented by the Alliance for Industry and Manufacturing in Illinois.

screen-shot-2016-10-07-at-10-57-13-amThe recognition comes in time for the National Manufacturing Day celebrated on the 7th of October 2016. Howe is actively participating in this endeavor by highlighting the importance of manufacturing to the USA’s economic prosperity and acknowledging how manufacturers similar to us affect everything from food and shelter to the security of the country’s population.

If you would like to learn more about Howe operations or our roster of products, please reach out to us at

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