Quality flake ice for use with all your retail merchandising displays.

Proper Seafood and Produce cooling is a key element to reducing shrink and increasing perimeter sales. Howe, we understand the importance of presentation of your fresh perishable products. For over half a century, Howe flakers have embraced your needs by providing high quality flake ice machines to all major retailers across the world.

Seafood Merchandising Ideas

When setting your seafood cases, best practices include setting the ice in separated compartments (trays) that allow melted water to drain away from the product. This is to reduce any chance of cross contamination that may occur when different species of seafood could have contact with ice melt water from other species. Another seafood merchandising idea is to always ensure the product should be resting on a bed of ice and should be top ices as well, so the product is properly cooled. HoweIce is idea because of its high surface contact area for optimum cooling effect. For additional information on Seafood Merchandising Ideas, visit out blog.

Produce Merchandising Ideas

When displaying fresh produce on ice, The Produce merchandising ideas are very similar to seafood merchandising. While the risk of cross contamination may be lower than as with seafood; it is still a risk that should be font of mind when setting up a produce display using Fresh HoweIce. Same as with seafood, you will want to keep different produce separated, with perforated bottoms to allow melted ice water to drain away from the product. Again, assure optimum cooling by embedding the fresh produce in a bed of Fresh Flake ice. Produce spot displays should also have drain lines to remove any excess melted ice water form the iced display area. If floor sanitary drains are not available near the spot display, the water can be collected in a bucket or sump that can be pumped or manually drained so is not allowed to overflow and spill onto the sales floor causing a slip hazard. For additional information on Produce Merchandising ideas, visit our blog.

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