Ice Flaker Features for Your Perishable Food Cooling Needs

At Howe, we understand the importance of presentation of your fresh perishable products. For over half a century, Howe flakers have embraced your needs by providing high quality flake ice machines to all major retailers across the World.


Condensing Units designed to match Howe Ice Flakers


Sized and engineered to perfectly match your Rapid Freeze® ice flaker.


Available in a wide assortment of voltages and ambient configurations (Low, Moderate and High ambient)


Energy efficient compressors and condenser fans.

Outdoor weather resistant housing

Units are deigned for outdoor application with weatherproof control box and headmaster controls.


Energy Efficient Compressors

Condensing units utilize standard Emerson compressors. 

Custom models are also available with Bitzer compressors.
Contact Howe sales rep for options and availability. 


Trusted Among Top Brands Worldwide

Committed to your individual needs, our range of flakers fits your niche from 1,000 to 20,000 lbs of daily production. Durability, longevity and reliability; trust Howe as the proven best choice.

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