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Why are Howe Flakers right for you?

Most efficient cooling medium compared to other cooling methods


Proven energy savings.
Most energy efficient flaker available.


Sub-cooled ice. 
For prolonged product freshness.


Cooling capacity.
Most surface contact area over other ice forms.


Wide range of models and features to meet your needs.

Howe Flake Ice stacks up against the rest!

As the "Original" flake ice designed equipment, Howe has built its reputation on being an industry leader in food cooling applications! You can see the difference.

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comparison-howe.jpg comparison-competitor.jpg

Built for your needs, designed for your future

Sub-cooled superior cooling which maximizes freshness and delivers confidence in your product to your customers.

Ice Flaker Benefits


Long lasting. Our ice flakers outlast the competition by 2 to 3 times in product life cycle.


Energy Efficient. Our flakers are the most energy efficient machines available to the market.


Versatile. Models available in various sizes, voltages and refrigerants to meet your requirements.

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Condensing Unit Benefits


Correctly sized to match the ice machine's refrigeration requirement.


Suction accumulator


High ambient selection available & coil corrosion protection for coastal applications.

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Ice Storage Bin Benefits


Insulated to prevent condensation.


Mobile Express for easy ice transport.


Bakery and food service packages available.

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The Proven Choice for Over 100 Years


We enjoy the ice business with Howe Team, great communications and transactions. All I can say is we love the ice machine. Like we say "If you install it right ... it will work right"

Ulik Milstein, Super Cool Refrigeration, Los Angeles, California
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Norman’s has owned and operated Howe Ice Machines for almost 20 years! In addition to their equipment, the customer service is quick and attentive, giving you answers to questions and solutions to problems immediately. Howe Ice Machines are second to none. We are a company strong on tradition and Howe has become a part of that.

Jared Lieberman, Norman’s Air Freight Service, Oceanside, New York
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The machine is tough, runs regardless of outside temperature or sea conditions. Replacement parts are easy to get, and installation is a breeze. Sales and service at Howe are outstanding… knowledgeable, helpful, friendly and always timely!

, F/V Sea Capture, Inc., Montauk, New York
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