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For over 110 years, Howe has been the global leader and continues to be the best choice for flake ice and refrigeration equipment.

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Models available for 1,000 to 20,000 lbs daily production. Howe ice machines are designed to meet a wide variety of applications. Durability, longevity and reliability; trust Howe refrigeration equipment as the Proven. Best Choice.

Howe Corporation is the OEM Ice Maker Manufacturer of the Rapid Freeze® flake Ice maker which is sometimes referred to as a scale ice maker.


Long known for its heavy‐duty design, the Howe Rapid Freeze® not only lasts longer than competing brands of ice machines, it has the longest evaporator warranty of any flaker on the market.


Howe’s simple design requires a fraction of the number of parts used in most other makes of ice machines. This, coupled with heavy‐duty parts, allows the Rapid Freeze® to have one of the lowest maintenance costs compared to many of our competitors.


All Howe the OEM Ice Maker Manufacturer of the Rapid Freeze® model Flakers producing from 1 to 10 tons per 24 hours are based upon AHRI test standards of 70°F water and 90°F air conditions. Combined with 100% ice quality.

The Rapid Freeze® easily out paces other competing brands of flake or scale ice makers.


Superior energy efficiency is what sets Howe apart from most of the competition. Contact Howe for more information on potential energy savings using Rapid Freeze® ice flakers.


Howe now offers a 1000 pound per day self-contained ice flaker. This newly designed model incorporates a state‐of‐the‐art touchscreen control panel. Setting it up couldn’t be any easier, simply place on bin, connect power, and water and turn it on. It’s that simple.


Howe's Rapid Freeze® product line offers an optimized number of configurations to fit each customers unique application and requirements at a competitive price. This expertise allows Howe to remain a leader within the food retail, food processing, and fishing industries leveraging the Rapid Freeze® refrigeration equipment product line capabilities.


Howe Flakers offer more flexibility than the competition because of the wide range of compatible refrigerants. Our standard units operate with environmentally friendly R‐404A. Other Rapid Freeze virtually any refrigerant including R‐407x, R‐448, R‐449, R‐22, R‐507, R‐717 (ammonia) R-744 (CO2) and Propylene glycol.

Rapid Freeze product line can be configured for both direct expansion and secondary refrigeration systems.


Rapid Freeze sub‐cooled ice that cools faster and more efficiently than any other ice. Its sparkling appearance and enhanced surface is superb for merchandising and unsurpassed in process cooling applications.

Whatever type of maker you call it, flake ice maker or scale ice maker; one thing is sure, Howe Corporation is the OEM Ice Maker Manufacturer of refrigeration equipment you need to know.

Industry Leading Flake Ice Equipment

Why Flake Ice?

Flake ice is ideal as it has the most surface contact area of any other form of ice, translating into more cooling capacity than crushed, cube, nugget or tube ice.

Why Choose Howe?

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Maximum Freshness, Maximum Efficiency

Howe's brilliant white flake ice is easy to work with and gives products fresh appeal allowing creative displays. Our sub-cooled ice cools and preserves your products more efficiently than other forms of ice.

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