Start Right Solutions

Allow a Howe Service Specialist to come to your site so you can have peace of mind that your ice flaker will perform optimally. Howe will make sure your flaker is making the required amount of ice for your cooling needs.
We can assist with:
     Ice Flaker Commissioning,
     On-site Troubleshoot Assistance,
     Technical Service Training,
     Maintenance Management Programs.

Ice Flaker Commissioning

Phone support is a great service but nothing surpasses factory direct service at your site. Our field service specialist can support your facility team or the contractor in the commissioning or repair processes. We also can conduct an on-site training to educate your maintenance, repair or sanitation staff on the Howe Rapid Freeze® Ice Flaker.
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On-Site Troubleshoot Assistance

Howe’s field service specialist can be on site with your contractor or in-house staff to support any reoccurring issues you may be experiencing and gather information to fully diagnose and recommend repairs. Our specialist can also observe and suggest ice usage patterns to help in your process.
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Technical Service Training

Training is always important for proper installation, maintenance, and repair of your valuable equipment. Howe offers start-up as well as service and maintenance training at our Chicago Headquarters or at your facility. We will leave attendees with a wealth of knowledge on the equipment including our Howe-To Videos. If you have an interest in any of these training opportunities please contact us for a quote today.
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Maintenance Management Program

Keeping up with maintenance is an important task which at times can be pushed lower on the priority list or missed. Howe will remind you to schedule your maintenance and recommend the parts needed to complete each maintenance period. Howe will email or call the contact you assign for us. Registration is quick and easy, simply click here and complete the form & press submit, then we'll do the rest. It's that easy!. have multiple units to register? send us a spreadsheet with all the pertinent information (same info as the one-off registration)  and we will register them all for you, then send the reminders when they are due.

Plan intervals and recommendations:
Quarterly (Every 3 months)
   Flaker Inspection
   Ice Check
   Water Check
   Refrigeration Check
Bi-Annual (Every 6 months)
   Everything in Quarterly
   Water Filter Change
   Clean and Sanitize
Annual ( once a year)
   Everything in Quarterly and Bi-Annual Packages
   Check Bearing Wear
   Check Blade Adjustment
   Flaker Capacity Check
   Check Rib Heater Operation*
   Recommend consumable part replacement

*If rib heaters are installed on the unit