Versatile and quality flake ice used across a variety of industries.

The world runs on food. Howe Industrial flake ice makers are tightly integrated into the entire food industry. Howe produces models starting at 1000 pounds per day for smaller processors or retail operations, with models up through 20,000 pounds of fresh flake ice produced daily. These larger model machines (often multiple units) are used in a variety of food manufacturing processes.

Whatever your food cooling needs are, there is a Howe industrial flake ice maker designed for your specific needs. Howe produces industrial flake ice makers designed for every segment of food production, from seafood harvesters, processors, and retailers to Industrial bakeries, poultry processors and distribution, as well as produce harvesters, wholesalers, and transportation.

Howe industrial flake ice makers are used extensively in meat and sausage processors as well as the dairy industry when processing cheese. Large caterers rely on their Howe industrial flake ice maker to provide the cold whit crisp beds of ice to keep their buffets cold and fresh.

Howe industrial flake ice makers are available in a wide variety of refrigerants such as HFC’s as well as natural refrigerants including ammonia (R717) and CO2 (R-744)

Howe manufactures industrial shipboard model flake ice makers designed to produce ice flakes from freshwater as well as saltwater sources. Howe shipboard models have modified water distribution and return channels to reduce the spillage of water into the ice hold while making ice in rough seas.

Howe flake ice is used at Zoos and Aquariums throughout North America as enrichment for Polar Bears, arctic Cats and Penguins. In this application the flake ice is used to simulate snow, often the machines are installed above the ceiling of their habitat and the ice drops directly onto the habitat floor for the animals to climb on and play in. The Flake ice “snow” is a welcome treat during hot weather for the animals that like the cold.

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