Howe Rapid Freeze® ice flakers are used in a variety of specialty applications such as zoos and aquariums, flower transportation, concrete cooling and snow making.

Zoos and Aquariums

Howe flake ice is used at zoos and aquariums as enrichment for cold weather animals such as polar bears and arctic penguins.  Contact Howe today to discuss providing this valuable enrichment to your animals.

Flower Transportation

Shipping your fresh cut flowers in Howe flake ice will ensure your flowers will arrive to your retailers and wholesalers as fresh as when they were picked.


Concrete Cooling

Howe flake ice is perfect for critical pours, where it is used replacing water to reduce the energy dissipation of the exothermic heat generated during the concrete curing process.

Health Care

Flake ice is ideal for use in the health care industry, it is used to quickly cool sprains and reduce swelling of injured joints and extremities.