Howe flake ice machines Made in the USA are available in models producing from 1,000 to 20,000 pounds of 100% ice hardness ice per day and are used in retail and industrial applications. Models are available for use with a variety of refrigerants R448, R717, NH3, CO2, R744.  Howe Energy Star ice flakers are available in different configurations from remote rack connected to split systems and our new self-contained models.

Howe Rapid Freeze Ice flaker is known as the premier Quality ice machine Made in the USA. Let’s talk about some of the features of the Howe ice flakers.


For over 50 years, the heart of Howe’s Ice Making Equipment is the rugged, time-tested evaporator which has set the standard for efficiency and longevity. The open style, vertical flaker design performs multifunctional tasks of making and harvesting ice in one motion.

Because the ice is harvested by gravity, wear is drastically reduced, resulting in an extraordinarily long evaporator life that is backed by Howe’s 25-year evaporator warranty.

The greatest advantage of Rapid Freeze® is that the evaporator remains stationary and requires no refrigeration seals. In addition to all the other benefits this evaporator design has, it is far less susceptible to refrigerant leaks than rotating evaporators.


Howe’s corrosion-resistant water distribution system is easily adjustable and works on pump pressure alone to evenly distribute water over the evaporator. Any water not frozen to the evaporator in the first pass is chilled and recirculated to the sump to conserve energy and water consumption.


The heavy-duty, double reduction gear box is linked to a direct drive, high torque motor. This results in a smooth and powerful drive train to turn the ice blade inside the evaporator. Positioned above the ice machine, the assembly remains dry and easily accessible for maintenance.


Designed for years of life, the food grade squeegee removes all excess water from the ice before it is harvested. A 100% dry, sub-cooled, flake ice with unparalleled thermodynamic capacity is produced. Howe also offers Flake Ice Maker with Ozone Resistant Materials.


Machined to exact tolerances, the durable ice blade is made of stainless steel to resist wear and improve sanitation. Covered by a year warranty, the longest in the industry.


Our insulated and corrosion resistant water sump is designed to be simple and accessible. It resists wear and uses a simple float valve to maintain ice production. This design allows field maintenance to be done quickly, easily and inexpensively when necessary Our Flake ice Maker Ozone Resistant Material extends the useful life when using ozone treated water.


All Rapid Freeze® Flake/ Granular Ice Maker employ the use of bronze sleeve bearings equipped with lubrication fittings. The bearings form a metal-to-metal seat with the main shaft. Rapid Freeze® flakers minimize torque with slow design drive motor RPM and proper lubrication. The result is an extremely long bearing life.


Howe’s control panel is an evolution of decades of improvements and uses the latest state-of-the-art smart technology. The control panel constantly monitors drive motor amperage while sensing a variety of other machine functions. In the event of an overload or malfunction, the machine shuts down safely until a technician can resolve the problem.


The shaft of the Rapid Freeze® Flake Ice Maker runs vertically along the center line of the machine and acts as a heavy-duty structural support for the ice harvesting components. As the only moving part in the evaporator, it simplifies the machine’s operation and drastically reduces maintenance costs.

Flexibility of refrigerant

Howe granular ice makers are available for use with a variety of refrigerant choices. Refrigerant R448, R717, NH3, CO2, R744 as well as others.

All these features listed above prove that Howe’s Flake Ice Machine made in the USA is the best choice for Ice making Equipment. Want to use Immersion Chilling? Easy enough using HoweIce mixing with water to provide an ice water mixture for immersion chilling of fresh poultry or other products.



Ice Flaker Features for Your Perishable Food Cooling Needs

At Howe, we understand the importance of presentation of your fresh perishable products. For over half a century, Howe flakers have embraced your needs by providing a high quality ice machine Made in the USA to all major retailers across the World.


Heavy Duty Design Features


25 Year Evaporator Freezing Surface Warranty


Heavy Duty Industrial Gearbox


Stationary Evaporator - No Refrigeration Seals


Stainless Steel Blade & Shaft


Large Oversized Bronze Sleeve Bearings


Quality Ice Machine Made in the USA

High Efficiency & Hard Ice

  • Higher Ice hardness results in longer lasting ice
  • Most Energy Efficient flaker in the industry.  Pound per pound of actual ice produced  Howe flakers are the most energy efficient units available.
  • Squeegee wipes off excess water to allow up to 100% ice hardness with no unfrozen water. (models 2000 & larger)

Higher Ice hardness results in longer lasting ice

  • Most Energy Efficient flaker in the industry.  Pound per pound of actual ice produced  Howe flakers are the most energy efficient units available.
  • Squeegee wipes off excess water to allow 100% ice hardness with no unfrozen water. (models 2000 & larger)
  • Howe flakers are designed to operate 24/7/ to produce the ice you need when you need it. Remote m=models have clock timer options to how much ice you produce when you need it.
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Howe Rapid Freeze® flakers are available in a variety of refrigerants, electrical options, capacities, and condenser configurations.

Flaker Models240-


Howe ice flaker is a high quality ice machine Made in the USA. Howe's longevity speaks volumes, our customers have operating Howe flakers built  30+ years ago.  


Trusted Among Top Brands Worldwide

Committed to your individual needs, our range of flakers fits your niche from 1,000 to 20,000 lbs of daily production. Durability, longevity and reliability; trust Howe as the proven best choice.

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