BBQ Time - Keep it Cold

BBQ season is coming around the corner, and while plenty of folks will be focused on getting their grills and smokers cleaned and ready to go, here at Howe Corporation we’ve got a different concern – making sure that meat stays chilled and as fresh as possible, from the stream or pasture all the way to your grill. Steak, sausage, seafood, and even chicken can all benefit from what we do here at Howe.

At Howe, we specialize in flake-ice machines that create dry, flat flakes of ice. By creating thin flakes with high surface area, the ice provides more cooling capacity. As ice is harvested straight from the evaporator, there is no need for heating cycles to release the ice, and constant squeegee action keeps moisture from building up. Not only does this make flake ice energy-efficient, but it also prevents the flakes from fusing together. We can meet your needs with 1,000 lbs. through 20,000 lbs. of flake ice per day with energy and maintenance savings.

So what makes flake ice the best option for cooling your BBQ meat? Unlike other forms of ice, flake ice creates even coverage all over the meat, so there is temperature uniformity. This means the ice can go straight from cooling to the grille, without worrying that certain parts of the cut may need a longer cook time due to uneven cooling. As it does not have the sharp edges or corners of cubes and nuggets, there is less risk of ice cuts or bruising to the meat.

This ability to provide the optimal meat cooling ice was one of the reasons we were such a hit at trade shows like the International Meat Expo and the Annual Meat Conference. The former, a three-day international event held in Atlanta in late January, concentrated on the innovation in cooling, while providing valuable education to attendees. The latter, held in Texas in late February, focused more for meat retailers.

At trade shows, our team from Howe is commonly on hand to demonstrate how our flake ice machines provide efficient, effective cooling for supermarkets, butchers, fisheries, and other industries. Helping clients understand the benefits of our machine will help to provide fish and meats that are perfectly cooled and displayed in an eye-catching manner.

To find out how flake ice machines can be the right fit for your meat-cooling needs – or other needs, as flake ice is perfect for tasks such as rapidly removing field heat, cooling during transportation, and preservation for the best quality,  long-lasting products.  Get in touch with our team here at Howe. You can also get regular updates through our Twitter and LinkedIn pages, and keep an eye on our blog for useful information!