Celebrating Earth Day and the Importance of Energy Efficiency

Earth Day is an annual event celebrated on April 22nd that promotes environmental awareness and encourages people and organizations to make changes that will help protect the planet. One of the ways that we can make a positive impact on the environment is by focusing on energy efficiency. When energy is produced from fossil fuels, it releases carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. These gases trap heat in the Earth's atmosphere, leading to climate change and other environmental problems. Energy efficient products and practices can help to reduce energy consumption, save money on utility bills, and lower greenhouse gas emissions.

Howe Corporation has been an ENERGY STAR® partner since 2012 and has been named Energy Star Partner of the Year in 2023, 2022, 2021 and 2020. We are committed to increasing the energy efficiency of all our models so we can do our part to help protect the planet and bring the benefits of energy savings to businesses that require flake ice.

The Importance of Energy Efficiency

We have known for decades that energy efficiency is the cheapest, most effective form of emissions reduction. Energy efficiency also saves money, yet even with high gas prices and overall cost of living increases, the rate of improvement in energy efficiency is slowing down. According to Forbes contributor Felicia Jackson, “Between 2017 and 2020, energy intensity has improved on average by 1% per year but it's clear this needs to hit an annual rate of 4% to reach net zero.

What is Energy Efficiency?

Energy efficiency refers to the use of technology and practices that minimize the amount of energy required to perform a specific task. For example, energy efficient washing machines use less energy than traditional washing machines. Energy efficiency is a critical part of sustainable living, as it helps to reduce wasted energy and promote the use of renewable energy sources.

Benefits of Energy Efficiency

There are two main benefits to energy efficiency:

  1. Saving money on utility bills

One of the most important benefits of energy efficiency is that it can save money on utility bills. Energy-efficient appliances, flake ice machines, lighting, and HVAC systems can meaningfully reduce energy consumption and save households and businesses a significant amount of money over time. For example, replacing an old refrigerator with an energy-efficient model can save up to $300 over the life of the appliance.

  1. Reducing greenhouse gas emissions

Another major benefit of energy efficiency is its role in reducing greenhouse gas emissions. For individuals and businesses that want to help reduce their carbon footprint and mitigate the effects of climate change, reducing energy consumption by choosing energy-efficient practices and products is a great way to go.

Energy Efficient Products

There are many energy-efficient products available on the market today, ranging from energy-efficient light bulbs and smart light switches to low-flow faucets and shower heads to high-efficiency appliances. The ENERGY STAR® program was developed by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. Among other goals, the organization works to identify and promote energy-efficient products that meet strict guidelines for energy performance. These products are designed to save energy, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and save money on utility bills.

Energy Efficient Practices

In addition to energy-efficient products, there are many energy-efficient practices that can be adopted to reduce energy consumption. For example, turning off lights and unplugging electronics when not in use, using public transportation or carpooling, and purchasing energy efficient appliances can all help to reduce energy consumption and save money.

As we celebrate Earth Day, it is essential to recognize the critical role that energy efficiency plays in protecting the planet. Energy efficiency is an essential component of the world-wide effort to address climate change and other environmental issues. In addition to reducing waste, conserving water, and using renewable energy sources, by using energy-efficient products and practices, we can make a collective impact on the environment and take steps toward a more sustainable future.

As we celebrate Earth Day, it is essential to recognize the impact that our energy use has on the planet and to take action to promote energy efficiency and sustainability. By working together, we can protect the planet for ourselves and for generations to come.

Howe Corp

Businesses can do their part in reducing greenhouse gas emissions by manufacturing products that minimize the amount of energy required to perform a specific task. We are proud of our line of ENERGY STAR® models. Click here to learn more about our commitment to save energy and protect the climate with ENERGY STAR®.