Commercial Flake Ice Machine with Industrial Quality

Howe commercial flake ice makers offer industrial quality, durability, longevity, and reliability. Over the long haul, commercial flake icemakers from Howe have been proven to be the best choice, time and time again. Our company is trusted by many because we are committed to the individual needs of our clients. We have a wide range of commercial ice flake machines that fit most any niche – from 1,000 to 20,000 pounds of daily production.

Supermarkets will typically have an ice flake machine that produces from 1,000 to 4,000 pounds of ice per day, while some industries may choose the largest commercial flake ice machine at a capacity of 20,000 pounds of ice per day. What we’ve done at Howe is take the heavy-duty, nearly indestructible industrial ice machine, then duplicate the design to a smaller production capacity. Our goal was to offer commercial ice flake users the option of a solid machine that can withstand tough, day-in/day-out use. Our machines are built to run 24 hours per day, seven days a week.

Because of this, we provide a 25-year evaporator warranty. We fully understand that when your commercial flake ice machine stops working, your production grinds to a halt. Time is money, and we want to ensure your business runs smoothly when you purchase a Howe flake ice machine. If you are considering purchasing a commercial flake ice machine, you may have many questions, and our highly experienced team is ready to answer all of them. We understand that the purchase of a commercial flake ice maker is a significant investment and want to ensure you are happy with your purchase.

What is Flake Ice Used For?

Flake ice looks like soap flakes and is used in a wide range of industries—supermarkets, produce, poultry, seafood, catering, construction, dairy, and bakery industries, to name a few. During a busy harvest, flake ice pulls the heat from produce, keeping vegetables fresh and hydrated. The seafood industry, in particular, uses flake ice extensively in many aspects of the entire process. Commercial fishing boats use flake ice to keep freshly caught seafood from spoiling. Flake ice is also used dockside, in shipping, and in retail sales.

Flake ice cools products much more quickly than other types of ice. At 20 F, flake ice is used in meat processing, such as making hotdogs or sausages – allowing the moisture that goes inside the products to be introduced as flake ice. Food processors cook the meat, and then need to lower the temperature extremely fast. To do so, ice is placed in food processors as the meat runs through the grinder. Poultry is run through a mix of flake ice and water. Flake ice is mixed with water to create an ice chilling water bath to quickly chill poultry products such as whole chickens and turkeys removing heat and cleaning the birds at the same time. Retailers often use flake ice chilling freshly squeezed juices strategically placed spot displays for quick “grab and go” heathy shoppers.

The construction industry uses ice as they mix concrete, in order to keep the concrete in the truck longer when travel distances are more significant. The slower the concrete cures, the stronger it becomes – so the ice is essential in producing high-quality concrete. There are many other uses for fresh Flake ice, from heath care for chilling blood and plasma for transportation from donor collection site to the blood banks, as well as zoos & aquarinums who use the ice as enrichment for cold weather animals such as polar bears and arctic penguins.

Consider Howe Ice Flake Machines

When you choose a commercial ice maker, it is important to consider all of your needs. Flake ice can be a great way to store produce, pack fish, transport goods, and even present your products beautifully and easily. For over 100 years, Howe has been a world leader in flake ice and refrigeration equipment. For any questions regarding ice flake machines or any of our products, please contact us.

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