Earth Day Participation and Benefits

Earth Day is an annual event that began in 1970 and has become one of the biggest secular observation days in the world. Earth Day highlights environmental issues across the globe, incorporating events that provide information regarding cleanups taking place around the world, reforestation efforts, climate restoration technologies, regenerative agriculture, and more.

These events examine the climate and environmental justice as well, connecting issues related to police brutality, the pandemic, poverty, and pollution to the climate crisis. The events associated with Earth Day bring world leaders, musicians, artists, industry leaders, thought leaders, nonprofit innovators, grassroots activities, and the leaders of tomorrow together in the quest for a better world.

In 1970, on the very first Earth Day, Mayor Lindsay noted that “the business of pollution is the twin brother of the business of poverty and despair.” Throughout the pandemic and even now, in 2021, we have faced the challenges of uncertain times. Today more than ever, the belief that people and our planet are intertwined—with the health of one resting on the health of the other—becomes even more applicable. Through the decades since Earth Day began, environmental issues and environmental justice have gained momentum. The more organizations—like Howe Corporation—that support Earth Day every day of the year, the better chance we have of saving our planet.

Earth Day is the time to celebrate action by those working for a healthier climate by investing in ENERGY STAR energy efficiency and green power. Earth Day can inspire you to take your own actions to reduce your carbon footprint. One primary way to do this is to switch to green energy options, consider an electric vehicle (or a hybrid) for your next vehicle purchase, and always look for the ENERGY STAR label on products. When you take the ENERGY STAR pledge—like Howe Corporation has done—smart energy choices become a way of life.

Howe Corporation Supports Earth Day—and ENERGY STAR

When it comes to reducing our carbon footprint and protecting our planet Howe Corporation takes the matter very seriously. We manufacturer several ENERGY STAR certified ice flakers, including the following:

  • 1000-SCAE

  • 1000-RLE

  • 2000-RLE

  • 3000-RLE

  • 4000-RL

(all the above have production ranging from 774-3,946 lbs. per day)

The 1000-RLE and the 4000-RL are the lowest energy use per 100 pounds, while the models 2000-RLE, 3000-RLE, and 4000-RL produce the most ice. The larger capacity units provide better recovery performance with a single unit when ice is needed immediately. As a means of helping sustain our delicate ecosystems, Howe Corporation is involved in the following initiatives:

  • We work toward reduced paper consumption by using electronic documents whenever possible for our customers and suppliers. We utilize DocuSign software for E-signatures and have transitioned a significant number of suppliers to ACH payments as a means of reducing paper checks and envelopes.

  • We partner with ENERGY STAR and are committed to using ENERGY STAR certified appliances in our own business, including computers and monitors with all power save modes enabled. Throughout our offices, we have smart programmable thermostats and occupancy sensors and we’ve replaced all older desktop computers with laptops, further reducing our energy consumption.

  • We extend our commitment to reducing our carbon footprint to our employees—we allow employees to work from home whenever possible and many of our employees reduce their carbon footprint even further by biking, carpooling, or taking public transportation to work.

  • We are highly committed to reusing and recycling. While our production process does produce scrap metals, we collect and separate all recyclable waste, including obsolete electronics.

Each year we partner with to help further offset our carbon footprint by planting 100 trees. We are currently considering opportunities to incorporate geothermal heating and cooling, as well as new, innovative ways to incorporate green power in future operations and office spaces. We hope you will work toward reducing your own carbon footprint and will consider ENERGY STAR ice flake machines from Howe Corporation.

To find out more about Howe Corporation, our ENERGY Star ice flake machines, or any products we provide, please contact us directly! We would love to hear from you!