Financing is an Affordable and Smart Way to Add New Equipment

Effectively managing cash flow is important for success. Equipment financing and lease-to-own programs enable businesses to get the best quality equipment rather than settling for less with what capital is currently available which can be more costly over time.

Investing in new equipment is a large undertaking for businesses. You have a few options. Lease-to-own programs allow you to obtain best quality equipment to grow your business and gives you time to decide whether to make the final purchase. Finance programs make it easy to obtain the equipment you need with payments that can be easily added to your budget. It can be most important to have the equipment you need as demands change, allowing you to remain competitive in the industry and satisfy your customers with best quality products they come back for.

What are LTO & Finance Programs?

Purchasing equipment outright has the potential of leaving you with machinery that might not be right for the job. If purchasing equipment is not a sensible solution for your business, leasing offers an alternative. Traditional equipment leasing offers you the equipment for a certain time period and then it is returned. In lease-to-own, if you want to keep the equipment after the initial lease period is up, you have option to purchase it or return it if another size or type is required. Finance programs can help with smaller payment amounts and owning the equipment at the end. Your monthly investment becomes an asset. Many times seasonal payment options are used to work with you during your peak times.

Benefits of LTO & Finance Programs

LTO allows companies to integrate new equipment into their operations, to see how the equipment works, and to evaluate whether the equipment meets your needs and standards. Maintenance and service may be included in the LTO contract saving you additional time and money. This program can also offer potential tax advantages as payments may be fully deductible. Financing equipment is easier than applying for a bank loan for a purchase. Working with specialized equipment finance companies offers advantages such as full financing, quick turnaround time, and fixed rates. Terms of the agreement are set in advance so there are no surprises when the payment period is over.

Adding Howe Into the Mix

Howe Corporation has been successfully supplying equipment for many years, consistently exceeding the expectations of customers, being the first choice when selecting Flake Ice Equipment. Howe is here to help support and grow your business with payment options through finance partners. We offer customized solutions for managing business capital and help establish business credit for the future. This approach allows customers to experience the highest quality flake ice equipment for a variety of cooling applications that can lead to an increase in revenues and gain a greater share in the marketplace. Some of the industries we serve include:

  • Commercial fishing and seafood processing: flake Ice retains freshness and product quality is improved by keeping products at the ideal temperatures
  • Supermarkets: seafood and produce benefit from the value of flake ice in food safety, longevity and display applications
  • Food processors: subcooled flake ice is the best choice, providing more surface contact area with greater cooling capacity than other forms of ice
  • Commissaries: flake ice maintains the proper temperatures for perishables offerings in display cases and keep product longer
  • Food prep kitchens: ideal for quick cooling and food staging

To learn more about our equipment, and to learn about the outstanding quality and durability of our machines, contact us today!