Flake Ice for Food Processing Industry: Commercial Bakery Applications

Flake ice for bakery cooling

Making delicious bread and pastries isn’t easy. There’s a science to the art of baking and keeping your ingredients at the perfect temperature is key to moist and fluffy baked goods. Bakeries and food processing companies must make their dough precisely or they risk damaging the product. And the production of bread products relies heavily on maintaining the perfect temperature.

Preparing the ingredients is critical in the production of bread. For example, the temperature of the water is critical in controlling dough temperature. When mechanical refrigeration is cost prohibitive, companies turn to flake ice for temperature control for their ingredients and their dough to maintain the perfect temperature.

Benefits of Ice for Dough Cooling

Flake ice has more than 17,000 square feet of surface area per ton of ice. This makes it the perfect choice for removing heat from dough mixture because these thin ice flakes melt quickly and don’t damage expensive mixing equipment along the way. Flake ice is also perfect for bakeries because it dissipates heat and adds moisture to the dough without clumping. It also blends better and doesn’t damage the finished product. Better front-end control results in consistent dough temperatures every time, producing a higher quality product with less waste.

Flake ice is the best ice for cooling Dough products

Howe Rapid Freeze ice flakers are used by bakeries around the world to keep their food products cool and at the perfect temperature every step of the way. Flake ice for temperature control is the best choice for commercial baking and bakeries rely on Howe Rapid Freeze ice flakers to:

  • Add flake ice to dough mixtures to help minimize heating effects on yeast
  • Reduce wear of commercial baking equipment
  • Help baked goods remain fresh through storage and transport

Why Howe?

At Howe Corporation, we have helped numerous commercial food processing companies find the perfect flake ice machine for their business needs, including:

  • Bakeries
  • Doughnut shops
  • Sausage and hot dog processing
  • Poultry processing

Our Rapid Freeze ice flakers produce ice at 22 degrees Fahrenheit to maintain freshness throughout the baking and storage process. Our ice will deliver the perfect results needed to cool your dough without the use of salt or other by-products. This means perfect bread – every time.

At Howe Corporation, we are committed to helping commercial bakeries and food processing companies make the freshest products. We know that keeping your ingredients cold is one of the keys to making your products stand out above the rest. That’s why our flake ice is designed to keep food items colder longer.

Along with our Flake ice machines, we also offer a line of industrial ice storage bins designed with the bakery industry in mind. We have bins with coved corner interiors of stainless steel with no silicones or sealants inside the bin. Bins are available as standard upright bins with manual shovel out spouts, or our Mobile Express ice storage system where ice id delivered through hopper doors in the bottom of the bin into carts located below. Ice carts can then be rolled to the batching station where it is metered into the dough mixer.

For any questions regarding commercial ice flakers or any of our products, or to learn more about how flake ice for bakery cooling is the preferred cooling medium, please contact us.

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