Flake Ice Machines: Creating Better Energy Efficiency

In today’s world, energy conservation is everyone’s business.  Nearly every industry is trying to make their products more efficient and sustainable, and ice machines are no exception.  Ice machines can actually use a fair amount of energy—more than one might expect.  Energy efficient ice machines not only save costs, but they also help limit the introduction of ozone-depleting chemicals and greenhouse gases into the atmosphere.

Howe Corporation leads the industry with our energy efficient flake ice makers.  Our flake ice machines provide significant energy savings and sustainable environmental practices simultaneously.  They accomplish this with state-of-the-art features that enhance the quality and efficiency of ice-making operations.  In the current environment of producing more sustainable and green industrial processes, we are well ahead of the game.

Energy Star Rated Ice Machines

Energy Star is a program run by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.  It partners with 18,000 public and private organizations to promote energy efficiency and to reduce greenhouse gases.  The program consistently updates its standards each year for a variety of appliances, including flake ice machines.  Howe Corporation offers a number of products bearing the Energy Star label, each exhibiting superior water conservation, energy efficiency, and exceptional longevity Additionally, a few of Howe's models are listed as some of the most energy efficient flake ice makers.

True to Size Labeling

The size of an ice machine can play a direct role in how energy efficient it is.  In many cases, bigger really is better.  A 1,000-pound ice machine can use less energy overall than a 500- or 300-pound machine.  This has to do with the total number of batches required during the ice-making process.  When measured per 100-pound units, larger machines need fewer batches than smaller ones to create the same amount of ice.

Ice machines from Howe Corporation always include True to Size labeling to indicate the actual ice production capacities of all our machines.  While 1,000-pound machines take less energy to make a large batch rather than multiple smaller ones, other challenges need to be considered as well.  The space available and electrical usage also needs to be taken into account.  Our labeling helps buyers understand the energy efficiency of each machine, providing the necessary tools to make the most appropriate choice for each given application.

Timer Controls

The productivity levels of ice machines will vary according to customers’ needs.  Many companies use timer controls to regulate when the machines are turned on or off.  These products promote efficiency by the conservation of energy and water resources.  At Howe Corporation, we offer timer products that maximize the efficiency of ice production, including our fully programmable Clock Timer.

This clock can be set up for the flaker to run longer on days when complete re-icing is required and shorter when only a simple touch up is required. It can be programmed for multiple on and off cycles per day, and includes a battery back-up in case of power outages.  The clock timer can also be programmed so that the ice machine only runs at night during the off-peak hours, therefore saving on energy costs.  In addition, a 60- minute wind-up timer is available to produce additional ice during programmed off cycles.  The ability to produce the exact amount of ice required makes the whole system more efficient, saving companies money while conserving energy.

Better Efficiency for Significant Savings

Improved energy management is a much-discussed issue in nearly every area of industry.  At Howe Corporation, our ice machines and related products have some of the most advanced and energy-efficient features available on the market.  All of the above products help contribute to a more productive, efficient, and energy-saving environment.  This helps keep ice-making as green as possible while creating real savings in cost.  Check out our full line of ice-making and related products for all of your flake ice system needs.