Howe Corp Celebrates 110 Years as Global OEM Flake Ice Leader

Howe Corporation is celebrating its 110th anniversary as a Global OEM flake ice leader. With its manufacturing facility located in the Chicago West Town neighborhood, it is a landmark in the Chicago manufacturing scene.

Howe Corp is a fourth-generation family-owned business, serving the refrigeration and food processing industry since 1912. As the "Original" flake ice equipment manufacturer, Howe has built a global reputation as an industry leader in food preservation across diverse industry verticals. Howe’s quality flake ice is a key cooling ingredient that contributes significantly to their customers’ bottom line, sustainability, and diversity goals. “HoweIce® is subcooled, which helps retailers retain the freshness of perishable food items and food processors to ensure the integrity of a recipe,” says President and CEO Tammy Phillips.

Howe is committed to building sustainable machines and has earned partner recognition with Energy Star since 2012. The EPA recently presented Howe with a Sustained Excellence Award after earning the Energy Star program’s Partner of the Year award the last two years. Howe’s ice machines seamlessly recycle unused water, ensuring zero wastage, while reducing energy consumption. These features make Howe equipment eco-friendly while saving huge expenses for their clients.

Howe is eager to share its knowledge and experience with the next generation of refrigeration professionals. Through the Jane Addams Resource Corporation (JARC) apprenticeship program, Howe employs engineering and sales/marketing college apprentices. The program is expanding to include upper class high school level students to encourage young people to explore engineering.

“We understood the importance of keeping products fresh as well as energy and water conservation long before it was a topic. Our goal is to continue offering quality ice machines compatible with many refrigerants to address the diverse demands of the food industry, now and for another 110 years,” Tammy concludes.