Howe Corp Heads to IBIE-2022 in Las Vegas

Howe Corporation is excited to be attending the International Baking Industry Exposition in Las Vegas this year. The event will be held at the Las Vegas Convention Center from September 18-21. This can’t-miss event is the global grain-based food industry’s largest event in the Western Hemisphere and only occurs every three years. 

At IBIE, baking industry executives, businesses, and corporations come together to network, participate in cutting-edge demos and educational sessions, and build industry relationships. Attendees will have a chance to discover the latest technology and trends from some of the world’s leading baking industry manufacturers and suppliers, including:

  • Baking equipment and technology
  • Ingredients, flavoring, spices and fillings
  • Packaging materials and systems
  • Refrigeration equipment
  • Sanitation equipment
  • Transportation and distribution

The exposition will also feature some fresh and exciting fun for everyone who is able to attend. From virtual bakery tours and cake decoration competitions to the Great American Pie Festival, the International Baking Industry Exposition in Las Vegas is sure to draw in a record number of attendees this year. 

Our Flake Ice Makers are Perfect for the Baking Industry 

At Howe Corporation, we offer a variety of commercial ice makers that are perfect for individuals in the baking industry. Industrial bakers must cool certain bakery products quickly, therefore, they add flake ice to the dough—in fact, the flakiness we all love in French croissants is due to flaked ice and highly chilled butter. Flake ice has more than 17,000 square feet of surface area per ton of ice. This makes it an ideal choice for removing heat from dough mixtures. It also melts rapidly, keeping your dough at the right temperature to produce consistent batches day after day. Our flake ice machines are used in bakeries and pastry shops around the world because our ice helps our clients deliver the perfect results every single time. 

Come by Our Booth #1070

Howe Ice Corporation is pleased to be an exhibitor at this year’s International Baking Industry Exposition in Las Vegas. Stop by Booth #1070 to see our running ice flakers up close, so you can see and feel the 100% Howe Rapid Freeze flake ice yourself. A personal demonstration of our flake ice can help you truly understand the difference between our ice and our competitors’. 

What Howe Commercial Flake Ice Machines Offer 

Not only do we offer a 25-year evaporator freezing surface warranty, no refrigeration seals due to a stationary evaporator, and a stainless-steel ice blade and shaft. Higher ice hardness results in longer-lasting ice and Howe offers the most energy-efficient flaker in the industry. Howe ice flakers are designed to operate 24/7 to produce the ice your business needs when you need it, with clock timer options on remote models to produce the amount of ice at any time. If your business could benefit from a Howe commercial flake ice machine and you need industrial quality with a stellar warranty – take a look at Howe flake ice machines. 

When you choose a commercial ice maker, it is important to consider all of your needs. Flake ice can be a great way to store produce, pack fish, transport goods, and even present your products beautifully and easily. For over 100 years, Howe has been a world leader in flake ice and refrigeration equipment. For any questions regarding the IBIE, ice flake machines or any of our products, please contact us

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