Howe Corporation Receives Energy Star® Excellence Award

Each year the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) honors businesses and organizations that have made an outstanding contribution to protecting the environment through continued use of energy efficiency. These companies save energy and help their consumers save money all while protecting the environment and safeguarding our planet’s resources. This year, Howe Corporation is pleased to have been awarded the ENERGY STAR® recognition for Excellence in Product Design. 

Since 1912, Howe Corporation has been a global leader in manufacturing flake ice machines supplied around the world. Through the years, we’ve expanded our business and evolved to help lead the way in energy efficiency and product design. Our company has maintained ENERGY STAR® certification on over 80% of all eligible automatic commercial ice makers. In addition, we have actively participated in setting efficiency criteria and have continually promoted the ENERGY STAR® program for years. 

In 2018, our key energy efficiency accomplishments included:

  • Active promotion of ENERGY STAR® to customers around the world through marketing campaigns and trade show displays
  • Installed occupancy sensors in common areas to reduce energy usage
  • Achieved ENERGY STAR® certification of first Ice Making Head
  • Worked to ensure ENERGY STAR® certified products were included in rebate programs
  • Worked to promote ENERGY STAR® certified products in different regions around the country
  • Promoted energy-efficient ENERGY STAR® certified ice management systems
  • Reduced time-to-market for product improvements for ENERGY STAR® certified products

What Makes a Product ENERGY STAR?

For a product such as a flake ice machine to earn the ENERGY STAR® qualification, it must meet strict energy efficiency requirements that are set by the EPA. These products save consumers money and reduce harmful effects on the environment by using less energy and creating fewer emissions from power plants. 

According to ENERGY STAR®, a commercial ice flake machine that is ENERGY STAR certified is 16% more energy efficient. This means they can save businesses 1,350 kWh and $145 annually, and $1,600 over the product’s lifetime on utility bill savings. 

Howe Products are Energy Efficient 

At Howe Corporation, our flake ice machines make between 1,000 pounds and 20,000 pounds of perfectly flaked ice every single day. We offer a variety of energy efficient units to fit virtually any industry need. Even better – pound per pound of actual ice produced, our ice flake machines are the most energy efficient flake machines in the industry. Howe Supplied condensing units are designed to match Howe Ice flake machines. We know that the presentation of your fresh products is important. That’s why our flake ice machines are designed to showcase your products beautifully while keeping them at their peak of freshness. Our condensing units come with energy efficient compressors and condenser fans. 

At Howe Corporation, we will continue to make improvements and strides in energy efficiency in 2019 and beyond. We are committed to helping our clients save money and energy, all while improving their profits by preserving and keeping their products fresh longer. For any questions regarding energy efficiency, ice flake machines, or any of our products, please contact us. 

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