Howe Partners with R744

Howe is excited to share the news about our recent partnership with As a Bronze partner, we are part of a global community of businesses, engineers and industry experts who are interested in the development of environmentally friendly CO2 refrigeration. is an online B2B platform for industry decision makers, public authorities, suppliers, end-users and academia to share and discuss information about CO2 technology. It is a world-leading forum that boasts thousands of page views per year and a growing wealth of content from active members of the community. 

Our alliance with allows us to stay at the forefront of progressive innovation in commercial refrigeration. We will be among the first to learn about important issues regarding synthetic greenhouse gases, natural refrigerants, and installation designs, among others. We will also be able to position our CO2 flake ice machines at the hub of a global discussion with industry leaders. 

We invite you to visit our profile in the directory. On it, you can access a fact sheet with details about our modular remote low-side, flake ice machine models for use with secondary, subcritical and trans-critical DX CO2 systems. Our featured models have a capacity of 2,000 or 4,000 pounds. The models for use on secondary CO2 systems have a flow rate of 300 pounds per hour or 600 pounds per hour. All models come with installed components for ease of use. 

As a new Bronze partner at, Howe is looking forward to supporting the community with our experience and knowledge of CO2 systems. Please contact our experts for more information about our involvement with, or for more details about our CO2 flake ice machines.