Howe Salutes the Manufacturing Day Initiative. Plays Vital Role in Food Production & Preservation

Few things on the planet are more precious than the supplier of energy and sustenance – food. Our population has been growing rapidly, and most experts concur that it will not be possible to meet the increasing demand for food unless there are better preservation and utilization of the plant and animal produce that we are currently “harvesting” from the earth.

One key reason behind food waste is food spoilage and public perception.

First and foremost, consumers want food items that are fresh and have low bacteria and pathogen counts. It is a basic amenity that all civilized nations take for granted. However, lately, because of spiking awareness around how toxic chemicals have permeated our food chain, people are being forced to re-consider the judiciousness of eating processed foods or foods that have been thermally treated to extend the shelf life.

This is where products like flake ice step in.

Maintaining a sufficiently low temperature of food items across the supply chain is one of the most natural ways to inhibit bacterial growth. Using flake ice is a good way to accomplish this goal.

The importance of ice and refrigeration to the food and beverage industry, and thus to the world, is undeniable.

Howe’s Legacy and Its Role in Better Food Utilization

Started in 1912 with the simple goal of manufacturing refrigeration equipment and flake ice makers that retain customers for centuries, Howe has been a market leader for more than 100 years. Because of our extensive legacy and commitment to excellence, the company possesses a rare co-mingling of experience and technological proficiency which guarantees products that are both water and power efficient.

Howe has been contributing significantly to improving cooling methods for the food and beverage industry and reducing water and electricity waste. In the long run both efforts are bound to have a positive impact on a global scale.

This is one of the reasons we have been honored with the “Manufacturer of the Year Award” presented by the Alliance for Industry and Manufacturing in Illinois.

The recognition comes in time for the National Manufacturing Day celebrated on the 7th of October 2016. Howe is actively participating in this endeavor by highlighting the importance of manufacturing to the USA’s economic prosperity and acknowledging how manufacturers similar to us affect everything from food and shelter to the security of the country’s population.

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