Ice Usage in the Poultry Industry

Flaker ice for Poultry Cooling

At the most recent International Production & Processing Expo, 1,200 exhibitors and 30,000 visitors packed into the Georgia World Congress Center to learn about the latest technological advancements and issues facing the industry. The ultimate aim of the show is to connect buyers and sellers. While at the show, we kept an eye on the latest updates to support organization participation and emphasize the necessities for the poultry, meat, and feed industries.

Today, the poultry industry is addressing labeling “fresh.” The USDA has ruled that to be labeled as a fresh product, stores must assure that raw whole poultry or cuts of poultry have never reached a temperature below 26 °F.  At 26°F, the products are still pliable and soft to the touch, meeting consumer’s expectations of fresh poultry.

Fresh poultry must be chilled within hours and maintained from 26 °F to 40 °F. This temperature range means no increased microbiological risk. The most effective method to achieve this is by using flake ice and water to create a slurry chiller for removing the excess heat while cleaning and processing the poultry before packaging. With proper handling, storage fresh poultry poses no greater health risk than frozen products.  Additionally, the quality will be much improved and offers the ability to be used immediately. No thaw time required!

Our flake ice equipment allows the poultry industry to keep products at the right temperatures during processing, distribution, and storage. We have been working with the industry for over 50 years to keep products fresh even before the official label went into effect.  Flake ice for poultry processing uses our sub-cooled flake ice removes heat from product after slaughter and during processing.  It is also used for storage and topping off shipping cartons. It’s flat, thin shape will provide full contact and not harm outer skin of the product.  With the most surface contact area of any other form of ice, HoweIce is the preferred flake ice for poultry processing the cooling capacity maintains the ideal temperatures of fresh poultry while also preserving the meat’s moisture levels which adds to the quality and increase profits.

With flake ice models designed for every aspect of the poultry industry, we are able to meet the capacity needs of large-scale processors and wholesalers as well as local poultry retail outlets. We make it our mission to deliver the most appropriately sized ice flakers to maintain the safety and quality of all types of fresh poultry!

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