International Production and Processing Expo

On January 27th, 2015, one of the most anticipated events in the meat protein industry will begin its three-day run. The 2015 International Production and Processing Expo (IPPE) in Atlanta, GA will feature a wide variety of the latest equipment, technology, and services used in the processing and production of meat, poultry, and feed products. 

The International Production and Processing Expo is the largest annual combined poultry, meat, and feed industry event of its kind. Industry leaders from a global variety of businesses attend to learn about all of the most recent developments and issues in production and processing. The IPPE features representatives from all different segments of the industry. These include feed milling, live production, hatchery, processing, marketing, and all associated support activities. 

The IPPE is a collaboration of three different trade shows: the International Poultry, Internal Feed, and International Meat Expos. It has been well-attended in recent years. There were over 26,000 trade show visitors in 2013; the attendees represented over 110 countries and were able to visit over 1,180 exhibitors to see their product and service offerings. The 2013 expo featured 5,448 international visitors represented, including major showings from Canada and the Latin American and Caribbean regions. In 2014, there were even more international attendees. 

The expo is happening at an exciting time in the industry. As reported recently in the Wall Street Journal, international demand for animal protein products is on the rise. The demand for pork has created a 13% rise in U.S. retail prices over last year’s numbers. Livestock producers have had their overall prices lowered thanks to a record U.S. corn crop. Also, the current demand for broiler meat is at a very high level. Chicken exports from the U.S. reached a record $4.25 billion in 2013. Emerging economies from around the globe are buying more meat and dairy products than ever before. 

This increase in demand is causing farmers and others in the meat protein business worldwide to expand production of beef, pork, and poultry. As farmers continue to produce more, mergers and acquisitions are occurring at the highest levels of the industry. Projections by the U.S. Agriculture Department confirm this trend. Over the next decade, consumers in countries such as China, Mexico, and Central America will continue to experience rising income, which almost always results in meat becoming a bigger part of people’s diets. A world-wide increase in meat consumption of 1.9% per year is expected over the next decade as this trend continues. 

This increase in the production and consumption of meat proteins is reflected in the projected numbers for the next IPPE expo. Over 28,000 attendees are anticipated to attend the Atlanta event in January. Some of the many topics to be addressed this year include nutrition, environmental management, physiology, processing, pathology, facility design, and numerous others. Howe Corporation, will have a booth there as well, with information about our top level flake ice equipment as well as our pump out compressors and how they can benefit customers throughout the meat and poultry industry. Come visit us @ Booth B7778 in Atlanta this January to learn how to take advantage of the growth in this industry and gain a wealth of new information and ideas. We will have a fully operational flake ice machine harvesting ice in our booth.