Keeping Supermarket Food Fresh with Flake Ice

Fresh Food Increasing in Popularity

Supermarkets have always been a primary place to purchase fresh food, frozen food, canned goods, and a broad selection of non-food items.  However, in a number of recent studies, many researchers are seeing changes in the way consumers shop for groceries.  An increasing number of purchasers are more aware than ever about the health benefits of fresh fruits and vegetables.  Many people are purchasing fresh, locally grown foods to prepare their own healthy meals—a trend that seems especially prominent among younger consumers.  Whether customers are looking for fresh fruits, vegetables, seafood, or other foods, supermarkets need cost-effective ways of cooling that help ensure their products’ quality and appearance for maximum salability.

Quality Flake Ice: An Effective Solution

Flake ice is one of the most efficient and economical methods to display foods while keeping them cool and fresh.  Supermarkets worldwide use it for products that range from fruits, vegetables, and juices to seafood, poultry, dips, salad bars, pizza, pasta stations and delicatessen items.  We have previously examined the ways that flake ice provides the best method for preserving and displaying seafood.  These same properties make flake ice ideal for nearly all fresh foods sold in supermarkets.  The ice’s low temperatures and high moisture content helps keep food fresh and attractive, increasing sales and helping supermarkets maintain their profits.

Attractive and Efficient

Flake ice has a number of qualities that make it an ideal choice for fresh food displays.  It is easy to work with and has an excellent, sparkling appearance—allowing for creative displays that enhance the look of any food product.  The flake ice form helps provide a natural cushion against damage, and cools products faster than other forms of ice as it maintains lower temperatures for longer periods of time.  Also, a far greater surface contact area is provided with flake ice for the most efficient cooling, extending the shelf life of displayed products.

Choose Howe for Reliable, Cost-Effective Machines

Flake ice equipment from Howe Corporation is competitively priced, offering rugged and resilient design for long-lasting service.  Supermarkets rely on having a constant supply of uniform ice ranging in needs from 1,000 to 6,000 pounds per day; Howe units make anywhere from 1,000 to 40,000 pounds of flake ice per day. As consumers rely on fresh foods more and more, supermarkets are increasingly turning to flake ice to maximize the quality and beauty of their displays.  Please contact us today to find out more about how our flake ice machines provide industry-leading food cooling for some of the nation’s biggest food retailers.