Prepare Your Future for Post-Pandemic Expansion

Many companies are scrambling in this post-pandemic world to make the necessary changes and expansions—expansions that will put their organization on a track to success. Many businesses are now shifting their focus in an effort to drive growth, however, COVID-19 did not lessen climate change urgency and the need for businesses to do their part and lower their carbon footprint. Businesses must also respond to trends that have either been accelerated by the pandemic or are a result of the pandemic.

What Will Expansion Look Like in a Post-Pandemic World?

Because governments have helped manage the pandemic, it is expected there will continue to be an enlarged role of the state for businesses and organizations. Public/private partnerships have emerged during the pandemic and many expect those to continue. Businesses must think seriously about how they can capitalize on the new opportunities that have emerged in our post-pandemic world and should be more conscious about their own supply chains. Some businesses may turn to local or regional sourcing rather than the prior global sourcing, especially those businesses deemed essential during the pandemic.

The efforts toward climate change have not been lessened by the pandemic either—if anything the urgency for making major changes to businesses has increased. The UN Climate Change Conference will focus more attention on climate change and could potentially result in leaders across the globe making more ambitious commitments to reduce carbon emissions more quickly. While this may create transition challenges for many industries, it will bring opportunities as well.

Finally, it is expected that we will see a significant economic bounce-back in many sectors since many businesses responded to the pandemic by controlling costs. Bold investments are likely to drive this growth and expansion. Many larger companies are planning acquisitions and innovative start-ups will be highly sought after. This will result in competition for assets and talent but could offer businesses a golden opportunity to divest non-core assets, freeing up valuable capital for expansion, creating a capital expenditure extravaganza!!

The impact of the pandemic hit different industries and sectors in different ways; while healthcare and technology industries have seen their growth skyrocket during the pandemic, other industries, like hospitality, travel, retail, and live entertainment have been hanging on by a thread.

Funding for Eligible For-Profit Organizations

For-profit organizations incorporated in Canada have been given a chance to receive funding for certain eligible activities related to COVID-19. This includes adjustments made as a result of COVID-19 to existing plants to implement added public health protocol and requirements for the health and safety of employees and their families, as well as activities associated with the human slaughter of surplus animals as a result of COVID-19. Strategic investments regarding improvements or modernization of food processing plants including fish and seafood, bakery, dairy, poultry, meat, and sausage facilities could also be eligible for funds, including conversion or adaptation of existing greenhouses to increase production.

Howe Corporation is ready for post-pandemic expansion. Our Director of New Business Development, Maria Noordover, has more than two decades of leading and supporting international sales, marketing, product account management and corporate relations. Noordover has significant skills in identifying new market opportunities, strengthening customer loyalty, and capitalizing on key vendor and supplier relations. Noordover and Howe Corporation are excited to step into the post-pandemic future. Contact Howe Corporation today!