Setting the Standard with Energy Star

In 1992, the Energy Star program was created by the U. S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) under the Clean Air Act.  It has served for 23 years to help identify the most energy efficient products possible, saving businesses and individuals money while protecting our environment.  This program has served to increase investments in energy efficient projects, helping to maintain sustainability while stimulating the economy and job growth.  The first products identified with the Energy Star label were computers and printers, but since then it has grown to include a wide variety of lighting, electronics, office equipment, and major appliances.  At Howe Corporation, we recognize the importance of using the most energy efficient equipment available.  Our products are among the most efficient on the market, with a number having earned the Energy Star label.

Not All Ice Machines are Created Equal

While an Energy Star label helps industrial buyers and consumers purchase environmentally friendly products, some machines excel in energy efficiency more than others.  For example, flake ice machines that have qualified for the EPA Energy Star can vary a great deal in a number of factors, including ice hardness.  Some Energy Star machines operate far more efficiently than others.  The Department of Energy put a rule into effect for the testing of automatic commercial ice makers (ACIM).  This test procedure measures the production of continuous ice machines.  Under these rules, manufacturers can claim everything that is emitted from these machines as production.  Unfortunately, many ice machines emit a large percentage of chilled water along with ice, limiting their productivity.  To learn how efficient an ice machine is truly performing, it is important to keep in mind the ice hardness adjustment factor (IHAF).

The IHAF measures the percentage of the ice making equipment’s gross production which is actually frozen ice, as opposed to chilled water.  All chilled water is considered waste in ice production, and is ejected to a drain before the ice leaves the bin.  More efficient machines will have a higher IHAF rating, with the rating number representing the percentage of ice that is actually produced.  Therefore, an ice machine with an IHAF rating of 55 will have produced 55% ice and 45% chilled water.  Since energy was spent to chill this water, low IHAF numbers represent significant wasted energy that occurs during ice production.

The Highest Levels of Efficiency Possible

Ice makers from Howe Corporation excel at achieving the highest IHAF levels.  Most ice makers from our competition freeze ice at 32° F, which ends up producing ice at IHAF levels between 55 and 70.  This ends up producing waste water at levels of 30% to 45%.  In contrast, our ice makers freeze ice at colder temperatures.  Howe products work at 25°F, creating ice at 100 IHAF levels.  We are the only company that manufactures machines that produce 100% ice hardness.  This means that fewer gallons of water are required to make ice, and results in serious savings:  total ice costs using our machines average 23-29% less than machines that work at 32°F.  These make Howe machines the only continuous model ice machines on the market that are not only Energy Star rated, but also produce ice at a perfect 100 IHAF level.  This level of efficiency not only helps our customers save money, but also helps conserve water and promotes overall environmental sustainability.

Helping Conserve Energy the World Over

The Energy Star program has done a great deal to heighten awareness about energy efficient products.  Since first being enacted in the United States, the program has become an international phenomenon.  The European Union has since adopted the program, along with Japan, New Zealand, Taiwan, Australia, and Canada.  The amount of energy and money saved by Energy Star products has been substantial, and at Howe Corporation, we are raising levels of efficiency even further.  By providing ice machines with an IHAF rating of 100, we are offering products that operate at the maximum level of efficiency possible in the industry.  To learn the direct savings available by switching from our competitions’ machines to one of our models, please contact us directly to receive a side-by-side comparison.