Support the Produce Industry: The United Fresh Expo is this Week

About the Show

The United Fresh Expo will be held at the Chicago’s McCormick Place in the West Hall from June 13th through the 15th.  Although the Howe Corporation will not be exhibiting at the event, our office and plant are located within few miles of the McCormick Place and we would happy to meet to review the benefits of Howe Ice in the produce industry.  Attendees and exhibitors are welcome to tour our plant, see how our equipment is manufactured and touch our ice.   Please contact us to schedule your tour.

The event will showcase the latest in creative produce items, fresh food trends, and cutting edge industry tools and technology, including networking and leading industry education opportunities, a consultation center where you can speak to the experts, and last but not least, new produce awards. New to the show this year: robotics and supply chain technology, and conference sessions to help industry professionals grow their business. Simply put, the United Fresh Expo is produce innovation at its best.

Through networking you will find both family companies and global corporations from across the board, giving you the opportunity to nurture new and old business relationships, with contract options also available. Retailers, wholesalers, food service companies and new channel buyers will all be in attendance. The ultimate goal of the conference: to build long-term success for members/attendees and to continuously grow produce consumption.

New to the show this year is the Organic Produce Showcase, highlighting new products and organic providers. Some of the new features include prepared meal solutions, convenient snacks, a variety of fresh juices, salsas, soups, dips, and more. Other focuses include the fresh-cut processing sector, farm to table, mechanical harvesting, robotics, packaging and food safety.

Think Globally, Act Locally

One initiative Howe is proud to back is “think globally, act locally.” For more about growing the local food market, revisit our article, “Preserving Foods at the Local Level.” A common industry thread is the effort to help raise visibility to keep local economies sustainable. United Fresh Expo very clearly backs this mission as well. Benefits entail high levels of flavors and nutrients from crops picked at their peak, less travel distances saves energy, and there is less chance for contamination and food spoilage which ultimately eliminates waste. Buying food from a local supplier also helps farmers to receive retail prices as opposed to selling products for wholesale and nearly at-cost leading to minimal profit.

Howe’s mission is to keep your food fresh and safe. As we know, maintaining the quality of freshly harvested food can be a challenge. One of the most reliable and time-honored methods is using flake ice. For over 50 years, Howe Corporation has helped the produce industry keep their products fresh.

Here’s the breakdown of Howe flake ice:

  • Flake ice surface area gives exceptional cooling capabilities
  • Compared to the competition our ice has fewer sharp edges that can damage food
  • Since our ice is the coldest/longest lasting YOU SAVE in labor, water, and energy
  • Flake ice helps local farmers display fresh and fully hydrated food
  • Display is appealing for MAXIMIZING YOUR SALES

Howe is Your Provider of Premium Ice Machines

Howe flake ice machines help local food producers ship, preserve, and display harvests. We offer a number of long-lasting machines that produce ice at all different volumes, perfect for fresh foods of all kinds. To learn more about our flake ice machines and how they can add quality and value to all levels of local food production and your business, please contact us today.