Top 5 Ways Flake Ice Adds to Summertime Fun

Flake ice plays a serious role in many areas: from keeping seafood fresh and safe to contributing to future sustainability with natural refrigerants.  However, flake ice isn’t all serious business; in fact, it plays an important part in some of the biggest ways people have fun in the summertime.

Frozen Treats

One of the most common sights on the streets during summer is the snow cone.  These treats, enjoyed by adults and kids alike, are almost always composed of flake ice.  Sold by street vendors and dessert shops, snow cones have helped people stay cool for over 150 years and are found the world over where flake ice is available.

Icy Drinks

While a blended margarita and a cherry slushie might have very different consumers, they have one important thing in common: they are both often composed of flake ice.  Blended cocktails like margaritas and daiquiris use flake ice for a cold, delicious kick—and kids can’t resist cooling down with slushies, either.

Cold Beer and Soda

The same flake ice that helps preserve freshly caught fish plays another important role during the summer: keeping beer and soda cold and delicious.  Whether at a catered party, picnic, sporting event, or an outdoor restaurant, flake ice is an efficient and economical method to keep canned and bottled beverages ice cold.

Get Your Hot Dogs Here!

Watching a baseball game at the stadium is just not the same without a hot dog from the concession stand!  Flake ice is essential in the production of hot dogs.  It keeps the meat cool during the production of sausages and hot dogs, ensuring the products stay cool and delicious.  Without flake ice, one of the most popular foods in all of sports wouldn’t be able to be produced or sold.

A Day at the Races

The use of flake ice extends from food and beverages, as it can also be incorporated in the care of horses at the racetrack.  Keeping cool is very important to the welfare of animals.  Flake ice helps keep racehorses cool and comfortable—and its use is not limited to racing.  Animals at zoos and aquariums also reap the benefits of flake ice, which enriches their environment while helping keep temperatures down.

Ice Machines of All Sizes Available

At Howe, we offer a broad array of flake ice machines with capacities ranging from 1,000 to 40,000 pounds per day.  Our flake ice helps people beat the heat with refreshing drinks and treats, while also playing important roles with racehorses and animals at the zoo.  To find out more about the versatile uses of flake ice from Howe machines, please contact us.