Visit us at IIAR 2014

Howe is proud to be a part of the upcoming Industrial Refrigeration Conference & Heavy Equipment Show from the International Institute of Ammonia Refrigeration (IIAR). This annual conference is an opportunity for manufacturers to display the latest equipment, technology and products available in the refrigeration industry. It will be held this year from March 23 to March 26 in Nashville, TN.

The IIAR 2014 conference attracts members from all over the industry. This year’s program includes a workshop on IIAR’s Process Safety Management (PSM) and Risk Management Plan (RMP). Participants will learn how to implement PSM and RMP strategies in their own facilities. The workshop will cover OSHA’s National Emphasis Program and provide information about how to ensure regulatory compliance. It promises to be a valuable learning opportunity for production managers, facility personnel, and other interested industry members. 

In addition to this workshop, IIAR will partner with the Ammonia Safety Training Institute (ASTI) to offer a free safety training program to all interested attendees. The program specifically targets facility personnel, end-users, and emergency personnel who may be involved in ammonia releases and accidents. The workshop will cover the best practices for ammonia safety and promote positive awareness about its potential hazards.

This year, Howe will join the lineup of exhibitors with our AA-23VM air-cooled ammonia pump out unit. This compressor is a mobile unit with a 5HP motor, 410 RPM, and 10 CFM. We make both water cooled and air cooled models. Our compact, but full-featured pump out units can be configured and packaged with an ammonia condenser. Custom remote ammonia recovery vessels are optional. We offer high capacity stationary pump out compressors with up to 66.5 CFM. Additionally, Howe manufactures quality flake ice machines for use with ammonia and CO2, ice storage equipment, and vessels and heat exchangers for industrial refrigeration applications. 

We invite you to visit us in booth #906 to view this unit in person. Our experts will be at hand to answer all your questions and provide detailed information about our line of ammonia recovery pump out compressors as well as our other refrigeration equipment and capabilities. See you there!