Energy Conservation:

Howe corporation is serious when it comes to protecting mother earth and reducing our carbon footprint.   Like all responsible corporate citizens Howe Corporation has undertaken taken several initiatives to help sustain our delicate eco-systems.  As an ENERGY STAR® partner, Howe is committed to use ENERGY STAR listed appliances, computers and monitors and power save modes are enabled.  We have occupancy sensors and smart programmable thermostats throughout the office.  Howe Corporation replaces older desktop computers with laptops, which has reduced our energy consumption.

Reducing Paper Consumption:

As part of our paper reduction initiative, most documents for customers and suppliers are sent as electronic documents and we utilize DocuSign software for E-signatures.  We transitioned many suppliers to ACH payment to cut down on paper checks and envelopes.

Reuse/ Recycle:

As a manufacturer, our production process produces scrap metals.  Howe collects and separates all recyclable waste in coordination with our waste and metal management partners.  All obsolete electronics are collected and recycled.


Howe allows employees to work from home. For those that do commute into the office, many bike to work or car-pool or take public transportation.

Howe has partnered with The Canopy Project and to plant 100 trees to help offset our carbon footprint.