Howe equipment is worry free

Jesus Garcia Mendoza, Soriana - Regional Maintenance Manager

“ Soriana is a longtime customer of Howe Corporation, I believe our first machine was purchased 20+ years ago. We have tried other flake ice equipment throughout the years thinking that we could  save money up front and many times we have spent two to three times more of what the Howe Ice equipment would have been. Nothing beats reliable quality. As a maintenance manager, I know for a fact that Howe Flakers require much less maintenance because there are less moving parts but because it  has a special design that just doesn’t need much other than the annual maintenance. I have a lot of other capital equipment to worry about as manager of maintenance  but Howe is definitely not on that list, Howe equipment is worry free.  I will always recommend our that our company go with Howe Ice because it will save us money in the long run and in the short term with reduced operating costs in water and energy.  I also appreciate that sales and customer service speak Spanish and have been willing to go above and beyond to make sure we understand the equipment and resolve any doubts we may have. “