No better ice machine on the market

Seafood Processor - Director of Seafood Operations

We are building a new Seafood and Beef operation. When the VP wanted me to purchase two new ice flakers for our seafood operation, I immediately turned to the professionals at the Howe Corporation.

History: Our company has been doing business with the Howe Corporation for right at 7+ years. We are a 24/7 operation. When our old cubing machines out lived their life, I solicited the Seafood Operations professionals on the East coast where Seafood plants are numerous. Spoke with 4 different seafood companies and 3 out of 4 said they use Howe ice flakers and could not live without them.

I contacted the professionals at the Howe Corporation and described my needs for ice tonnage based on production numbers. The team at Howe wasted no time sending me the specs on the two flaker ice machines that would service our production numbers 24/7.

I received approval to move ahead with the purchase which was simple and easy. Lead time for the machines were disclosed so I could plan on my installation with my local refrigeration professional. They had no problem installing the flaker machines but did have a few questions upon start up. Howes service technicians were always available to ensure all questions were answered and start operations went well.

So now, the company will have four 3000 RL Flaker ice machines.

What we found out using the Howe flakers was that the big differences with the cube machines versus the Flakers was that the Cube machines dimpled the whole and finished product leaving the appearance of the product somewhat poor in eye appeal. Another critical factor was the cubed ice would stick together forming air pockets between the ice and the product. Product temperatures would fluctuate. The Flaked ice totally surrounded the product thusly ensuring consistent product temperatures. Shelf life improved! Also, the cubed ice melted faster than the flake ice did thusly using more water to make more ice. Our water bill was much better when we installed the Flake ice machines.

In my opinion, there is not a better Ice flaker machine on the market. The sales and customer service are rated excellent in my book. They always look for the best Flaker application based on current and future needs. No over sell! The price is reasonable for the high - quality machines purchased.

I would definitely recommend the HoweIce for any company and their Ice needs.


Director of Seafood Operations