CO2 as a Refrigerant

CO2 has been around forever and over the last decade or so is quickly becoming one of the most widely used environmentally friendly natural refrigerants. As a leader in natural refrigerants, Howe has been manufacturing equipment for use with ammonia since our beginning back in 1912, first in compressors and refrigeration pressure vessels, then later in the 1950’s in our ice flakers. It was an easy and natural evolution to transition to making CO2 ice makers when CO2 became more prevalent in industrial refrigeration, first in retail supermarkets, and later in food processing facilities.

Howe Rapid Freeze® CO2 Flake Ice Maker

Howe has developed a line of Rapid Freeze® Ice Flakers that use CO2 as the refrigerant. The Rapid Freeze® CO2 Ice Flaker models are easy to install and set up—simply connect the ice flaker to water, power, and the refrigerant supply and return lines. Howe offers CO2 models which can produce up to 6000 pounds of flaked ice per day. The Howe Rapid Freeze® CO2 Ice Flakers eliminate the introduction of HFC refrigerants in your facility. The newest features on the Howe Rapid Freeze® CO2 Ice Flaker include electronically controlled EPR and Expansion Valves, pre-installed photo eye level control (ice storage bin applications), and optional ice management system.

Refrigerant CO2 (R744) —Efficient and Good for the Environment

Environmentally speaking, CO2 is a quality refrigerant with a Global Warming Potential of 1 and zero Ozone Depletion Potential. CO2 occurs naturally and is abundant in the atmosphere. CO2 refrigeration systems are designed to withstand pressures up to 1300 psi on the high side. In some instances, the systems are equipped with a small standstill condensing unit in order to keep pressures lower for safety. Volumetric efficiency and the range of the evaporation temperatures of CO2 are anywhere from four to twelve times better than ammonia and six times better than R-22.

CO2 Refrigerant Ice Flakers are Cost Effective

The price of CO2 refrigerant(R-744) tends to be relatively low, since CO2 is a by-product of many industrial processes. However, materials and equipment for CO2 refrigeration systems can be complex and more expensive than traditional systems. As the number of CO2 systems increases it is likely the cost will also begin to decrease.

Howe CO2 Flake Ice Machines

Howe manufactures Rapid Freeze® CO2 Flake Ice maker models which can produce cold crisp flake ice ranging from 1,000 to 6,000 pounds ice per day and are commonly used in both industrial and retail applications. Howe Rapid Freeze® CO2 Flake ice makers produce ice with an ice hardness rating of 100. This means that all the ice product produced 100% ice. Our Ice Flakers are known for their longevity and outlast the competition by 2-3 times in product life cycle. They are some of the most energy efficient machines available on the market. Available in a number of sizes and electrical requirements to fit your facility and process needs. If you think your business could benefit from a Howe CO2 Flake Ice Machine, we have the following models:

  • 1000-RLE-CO2DX
  • 2000-RLER-CO2
  • 2000-RLE-CO2DX
  • 4000-RLR-CO2
  • 4000-RL-CO2DX
  • 6000-RL-CO2

Howe Offers a Dedication to Quality and Superior Customer Service

Our CO2 models are designed for secondary and direct expansion (subcritical or transcritical) CO2 applications. These CO2 ice flakers set the standard for trouble-free operation, water conservation, and energy efficiency. Our products are used in seafood merchandising, seafood distribution, seafood processing, produce merchandising, produce distribution, produce harvesting, poultry processing, sausage processing and food retail spot display applications every day around the globe. Howe is one of the leading manufacturers of refrigeration equipment worldwide; we offer dedication to quality and superior customer service.

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