Eating Fresh Produce May Play a Critical Role in Fighting Off Diseases Like the Coronavirus

Everyone knows that fresh is best. However, consumers may now have even more reason to eat the freshest produce and perishables. In fact, your health depends on it! Could eating fresh produce help you fight off the Coronavirus? 

As the Coronavirus hit the United States, panicked shoppers began to stock up on a variety of products. Toilet paper was in high demand, as were non-perishable items. However, one troublesome trend also emerged. Consumers became leery of purchasing fresh perishable items during this pandemic. This is mostly because during COVID-19, consumers were afraid to purchase anything that may have been touched by another human. However, this may be the wrong approach to beating this deadly virus. In fact, eating fresh produce may be the key to building your immune system and fighting off illnesses like the Coronavirus. 

Make Health a Priority During COVID-19

Studies have shown that eating a low-fat, plant-based diet may give your immune system a much needed boost. This could be critical during the Coronavirus outbreak. The immune system relies on white blood cells to fight off infection, viruses and bacteria. The more fresh produce you eat, the more effective your white blood cells are at fighting infection. Eating fresh produce has also been shown to reduce inflammatory biomarkers. That is because fresh produce is rich in antioxidants, which helps reduce oxidative stress in the body. 

In order for your body to work optimally and fight infection, you need to eat a variety of foods. However, the Coronavirus pandemic has made shopping and eating the foods you love a little more difficult. During the Coronavirus, consumers need to make their health a priority. This means it is important to find the freshest and highest quality produce during this time, even if you have to pay a little more for it. Consider these tips for making your health a priority:

  • Buy fresh or organic - Fresh, organic produce often lasts longer than traditional produce. This can reduce waste and help ensure that you keep your body running optimally. 
  • Think nutrition - the best nutrition emphasizes a balanced diet, including whole grains, vegetables, fruits and lean meats or legumes. Serve fresh fruits and vegetables in the greatest amount to keep your immune system healthy. 
  • Plan ahead - planning your meals will ensure that you incorporate the most fresh fruits and vegetables into your diet. This will also reduce waste and ensure that you are not filling up on empty carbs during this pandemic. 

Howe Corp is Dedicated to Helping Consumers Eat Fresh Every Day

From local farm to table, Howe Corporation is there. We are committed to helping consumers receive the freshest produce available year round. From wild caught salmon to organic strawberries, our flake ice machines can be found in virtually every aspect along the food supply chain. Our flake ice machines produce the ice found on commercial fishing vessels, keeping the seafood you know and love at the peak of freshness. It is also found in produce trucks and in grocery stores. This keeps your produce fresh longer, so you can keep your body running optimally. 

At Howe, our vision has always been to “develop and deliver innovative solutions to refrigeration problems that improve global sustainability through energy efficiency, refrigerant selection, and novel design.” That has not waivered during the recent pandemic. In fact, we are more dedicated than ever to helping the world heal through good nutrition. We continue to support our global customers in the global food industry to ensure that the freshest products get delivered to consumers every day. 

To learn more about how Howe Ice Corp can help you and your business during this difficult time, please contact us. You can also follow Howe Corp. on our blog, Twitter, and LinkedIn for updates, news, and exciting advancements!

Note: Howe Corporation is not a medical authority.  Please consult with a nutritionist or your family practitioner for specific dietary requirements.