Field Replacement Parts for Your Howe Flaker

While there are certainly other ice machine manufacturers, not all ice machines are created equal. Howe Corporation manufactures flake ice machines that have exceptional efficiency and construction. After all, the construction of your flake ice machine determines the longevity of the machine and this directly impacts your profits and your productivity.

Howe flake ice machines feature overall rock-solid construction, along with an open-style evaporator that provides energy savings as well as higher quality harvests. In fact, Howe ice flakers routinely outlast our competitors—the average lifespan of our flake ice machines is about 15 years, with many units lasting up to 25 years when properly maintained.

Of course, like any machine, there will be times when you need replacement parts to extend the life expectancy of your Howe ice flaker. We offer field replacement parts kits to ensure your equipment is repaired quickly and easily, getting you back on track. Not only does this reduce the time service technicians are in your facility (thus, reducing the risk of COVID 19 transmission), and also gets your equipment repaired much more quickly.  These parts kits include everything the service technician would need to replace defective or worn items.

Replacement parts kits allow us to target our customers or contractors specifically, allowing them to have all the parts necessary for the required repair(s). This will minimize customer visits overall and prevent service technicians from having to come back multiple times, due to the lack of parts on hand. Not only does our strategy reduce the cost involved in return visits, but it also ensures our customers have the shortest amount of downtime possible while also reducing the COVID 19 risks to employees and service techs alike. 

Whether you need parts in the USA, Latin America, Canada or anywhere globally, you can count on Howe to deliver. Do not forget we have parts stock in our local office in San Jose, CR too!  Contact Howe Corporation’s parts department at 773.687.4950 today for a quote on all replacement parts.  Please have your model and serial number available at the time of inquiry.

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