Flake Ice for Food Trucks and Mobile Catering

Flake ice has such a wide array of uses in the food industry. From keeping fish at its peak of freshness to preventing blemishes and damage to organic produce, flake ice is the superior ice. Flake ice is soft, moldable ice that, while similar to crushed ice, has a texture that is more like snow, making it much easier to work with. Flake ice is light and airy, allowing it to mold together to easily form shapes. 

While flake ice is commonly used in food displays and in the fishing industry, it is also used in food trucks and mobile catering. Not only is flake ice crucial in the preservation of food for food trucks and mobile caterers, but it is also used in the presentation, allowing the creation of mounds of ice to elegantly present food and drinks. 

In fact, the catering industry has relied on Howe Rapid Freeze® ice flakers for more than five decades to keep products fresh and safe. Howe Corporation has models designed for virtually every aspect of the catering industry, whether you need a small model for local catering operations or a large capacity model for industrial caterers and wholesalers. 

Howe Flake Ice Machines Are Ideal for Catering Industry

Flake ice is ideal for the catering industry, as it has the most surface contact area of any other form of ice. More surface contact area equals more cooling capacity than cubed or crushed ice. Whether you are catering a buffet where keeping salads cold and safe is crucial, or you have meat, fish, or produce to keep fresh, flake ice will do the trick. Likewise, food trucks must keep their food absolutely safe, which means keeping it cold. Flake ice can ensure the freshness and safety of any food that requires cold temperatures. 

The mission of Howe Corporation is to develop, manufacture, and sell innovative refrigeration equipment that is superior in quality while setting the standard in the industry for customer service. We want to improve global sustainability with our innovative solutions to refrigeration issues through our novel design, energy efficiency, and large refrigerant option selections. 

Howe Corporation was started by William Henry Howe, a Midwestern farmer who saw a need for improvements in refrigeration equipment while working as a mechanic at a small dairy and ice cream plant. Today, 4th generation, great-granddaughter Mary Howe is at the helm, continuing the tradition of innovation, quality, and service. Our family-owned American business has helped farmers, caterers, and professionals in the foodservice industry for over 100 years. 

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