Flake Ice for Healthcare

While most of us think of food applications when thinking of flake ice, this type of ice is used extensively in the healthcare industry. In fact, in a healthcare facility, flake ice can be used for post-op care, dietary needs, and as a treatment to reduce swelling and inflammation. When used for these healthcare purposes, it is essential that the flake ice be readily and consistently available, within an easy to use and easy to maintain unit, like those manufactured by Howe Corporation. 

Flake ice is often used for patient hydration purposes; many of those who are in the hospital are too ill to hold a cup of water and drink, getting the hydration they need. In this particular application, flake ice is soft enough to ensure the patient does not have to “crunch” ice cubes. This offers an easy way to hydrate, as the soft flake ice melts in the patient’s mouth, providing the required hydration. The flake ice melts easily, providing small amounts of water throughout the day, and melting much faster than traditional hard, square ice cubes 

Flake ice is also used in physical therapy and sports medicine, as it is perfect for sculpting into therapeutic ice molds. Muscle pulls and strains benefit greatly from a cold compress. Physical therapy clinics, large hospitals, and sports medicine applications can benefit significantly from a Howe industrial flake ice machine. Our high-quality flake ice machines are more cost-effective than most other smaller ice therapy machines, helping to reduce patient swelling, by slowing the blood flow to the injured area. In this manner, the injury can be numbed, and pain reduced.     Since flake ice is soft and moldable, it is perfect for use in plastic bags, increasing the cooling surface area. 

Many physical therapy clinics and sports therapy clinics find flake ice an absolute necessity. Athletes typically ice muscles after long training sessions and ice chronic injuries as well. Professional athletes may even use flake ice baths to decrease inflammation and improve circulation following an arduous training session. These ice baths require significant levels of flake ice to maintain—one more reason to consider a professional ice flake machine from Howe Corporation. 

Finally, flake ice is often used in hospital cafeterias for seafood and salad displays, and to keep foods fresh. Healthcare clinics, physical therapy clinics, and sports clinics will appreciate the quality built into every Howe ice flaker . When you purchase a Howe flake ice machine, you will find we are one hundred percent committed to your individual needs. Our range of flake ice machines are crafted to fit your particular niche—from 1,000 to 20,000 pounds of daily production. When durability, longevity, and reliability is your goal, contact Howe as the proven best choice. 

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