Flake Ice for Ice Plants

Access to commercial grade flake ice is crucial in the fishing industry, particularly to coastal fisheries, but to smaller marinas as well. Fresh caught fish and shellfish, as well as processed fish and shellfish require ice preservation, which is used at all points in the handling chain of fish and seafood. Flake ice is used onboard vessels during the catch, on docks and marinas to preserve the fish during the transport to processing or market, and at market as well. 

Fish requires continuous temperature control to maintain the quality as well as to extend the shelf life. Flake ice reduces bacteria activity in fish and seafood products, slows any potential decay, and results in a higher-quality end product. In short, flake ice is an absolute necessity for the sanitary preservation of fish and seafood.  

When using flake ice in ice plants at docks and marinas, the objective is to maintain the cold temperature during every single phase. Flake ice in ice plants provides flake ice to day trip boats for icing down the catch while out at sea, although smaller marinas or fishermen may not use enough ice on a daily basis to justify the installation of a flake ice machine. Flake ice for ice plants is generally geared towards harbors and the seafood industry. Since the icing requirements can vary significantly within the process, the ice may be delivered to the ice storage, or to vessels at dockside. 

Automatic ice delivery can be accomplished in a number of ways, including stainless steel augers that deliver ice directly from the ice maker to the storage. Pneumatic delivery systems can also be used, generally consisting of a blower with two and three-way diverter valves that transports the flake ice in a small aluminum piping system to deliver to ice plants. 

Fairly recently, the Charleston Marina—the third largest commercial fishing hub in the state of Oregon—engaged commercial and recreational fishermen in the design of a facility that would serve the needs of the users, including ice making and storage capacity. In 2019, more than 18.6 million pounds of fish and shellfish (with a value of more than $28.6 million) landed at the Charleston Marina. 

This particular marina indirectly supports nearly all businesses located in the area, therefore, the ability to keep the fish fresh was crucial. The ice storage capacity of the Charleston Marina increased from 115 to 158 tons.

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