Howe's Equipment Certifications

Since 1912, Howe Corporation has been a world-class leader in manufacturing commercial and industrial refrigeration equipment for a variety of industries. Through the years, Howe has led the way in energy efficiency and product design. Our flake ice machines have extensive certifications, so our clients know they’re getting the highest quality flake ice machine on the market. 

Intertek ETL: NSF 12 Certification

Our ice machines and ice storage bins meet the requirements of NSF 12. This standard established the minimum food protection and sanitation requirements for automatic commercial ice making equipment used in a variety of applications. Look for this certification when selecting commercial or industrial flake ice equipment to ensure you are getting the best quality ice out of the machine being purchased. 

Intertek ETL: UL 563/CSA 22.2.120 Certification

Our commercial ice machines are Intertek ETL listed for UL 563 and CSA 22.2.120. This ensures our product is safe for installation within your work environment. We maintain this certification for our current product lines and design for compliance with any new features or products we release. Look for this certification on any ice makers you are purchasing to ensure a safe product is brought into your facilities.

Certified ASME Welding Shop

At Howe Corporation, we are dedicated to public safety and quality. That’s why our welders maintain ASME welding certification. We have produced pressure vessels at Howe Corporation for refrigeration applications for many years. We continue to manufacture pressure vessels for our flooded ammonia machines and are open to manufacturing other U and UM vessels based on customer requests. Please feel free to send any designs for our evaluation and we will provide a quotation if we have the capacity and capability to manufacture it within our ASME welding facility. 

ENERGY STAR® Qualified

Howe Corporation has maintained ENERGY STAR® certification on many automatic commercial ice makers. In 2018, commercial ice makers were required to meet the new Version 3.0 ENERGY STAR Automatic Commercial Ice Maker Specification (ACIM) in order to continue carrying the ENERGY STAR symbol. This is an even more restrictive requirement of energy usage, yet Howe Corporations’ 1000, 3000, and 4000 ice makers meet this ACIM specification. In addition, all ENERGY STAR qualified models have an ice hardness factor of 90 and above, making it one of the coldest ice machines in the world. 

At Howe Corporation, we will continue to lead the way in commercial ice flake machine manufacturing in 2019 and beyond. We are committed to manufacturing the best and highest quality ice flake machines that not only save our clients money but also produce the coldest flake ice on the market. Maintaining critical certifications on our machines is our commitment to you, so you can rest assured knowing you’re investing in the highest quality flake ice machine.

For any questions regarding ice flake machines or any of our products, please contact us. We also invite you to continue to follow Howe Corp. on our blog, Twitter, and LinkedIn for show updates, industry updates, company and technology updates, and more! Contact Howe today!