Ice Use in Processing CBD

Cannabidiol (CBD) has suddenly been thrust into the spotlight in recent years. Its popularity is on the rise because it has been touted as a great health booster that can cure a variety of illnesses. From arthritis and lower back pain to epilepsy, CBD has been shown to be an effective treatment for many people. It is readily available in virtually every corner of the United States as a booster in smoothies or as a topical agent in creams and lotions. Because of its surge in popularity, manufacturers and CBD processing plants are at capacity. They must manufacture high volumes of CBD to meet consumer demand. But how can they do this efficiently and effectively? For this, flake ice is the best choice.

What is CBD?

CBD is a chemical found in the Cannabis sativa plant or hemp plant. The hemp plant itself contains over 80 known chemicals, including THC (the active ingredient in marijuana). In 2018, the passage of the Farm Bill made it legal to sell hemp and hemp products in the United States. Now, CBD is found in everything from lip balm to nutrition packs, however it cannot legally be included in foods. It is most commonly used to control seizures, anxiety, pain, and even muscle spasms associated with a variety of illnesses and chronic diseases.

CBD oil is gaining momentum in the health industry because of its ability to control pain and alleviate symptoms of anxiety and depression. Some studies have even shown that it can improve acne and heart disease. As such, the CBD industry is a booming industry.

Flake Ice When Extracting CBD

Flake ice is often used when processing hemp. In fact, many hemp processing plants use flake ice to help them in the extraction process. Ice water extraction is a tried and true method for extracting pure and pristine cannabis.

When processing and extracting CBD, the hemp plant is trimmed and frozen to prevent the plant from drying out. Due to the superior cooling effects of flake ice, flake ice is used to keep the plant in perfect condition while frozen. This frozen hemp is then agitated in cold water. Again, flake ice is a superior choice to cool the water effectively because of its cooling properties, as well as its quick melting time. It also does not contain jagged or sharp edges so the product is not damaged during the agitation process.

During the agitation process, the cannabinoids in the trichomes separate out and fall to the bottom. Trichomes are the part of the plant that carries the most THC and CBD. They are responsible for the health properties and benefits of CBD. The process of ice water extraction works because these trichomes are denser than the water they are in. However, it is important not to damage the plant while trying to separate it.

This is how flake ice can help the most. Flake ice is the most cost effective type of ice to use because it is a superior cooling product. With more than 17,000 sq. ft of surface area per ton of ice, it cools better than any other type of ice. This efficiency allows you to use less ice when trying to keep products cold. It also provides greater contact area than other types of ice. It can mold together to fit closely around hemp plants keeping them cool prior to extraction. Because it has a flat shape, it doesn’t have sharp edges that can damage hemp plants during the extraction process.

Flake ice is also remarkably cost-effective to produce. Flake ice uses less energy to produce the ice needed to effectively store and cool hemp plants and extract CBD. It only requires 1.3 tons of refrigeration per ton of ice, making it an economical choice for many in the CBD industry.

Howe Flake Ice Makers

Howe Corp flake ice machines are the best in the industry. We offer units of all sizes to accommodate all types of CBD industry needs. For over 100 years, we have been a global leader in flake ice and refrigeration equipment. Our units are Energy Star certified and can produce between 1,000 and 20,000 pounds of 100% ice hardness ice per day. We offer self contained units, split systems, and even remote rack connected units to meet your needs.

Not sure of how much ice you may need to efficiently process CBD, use our online ice needs calculator or request a free equipment quote. One of our Howe sales representatives will be happy to speak with you about your needs and help you find the perfect solution. For any questions regarding ice flake machines or any of our products, please contact us.

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