The Best Flake Ice for Catering at the Establishments You Love!

Hotels, resorts, restaurants, supermarkets, casinos—pop up shops and mobile food trucks. What do they all have in common? Besides all the food and drink that you love—industries like these use Howe Rapid Freeze ice flakers to keep their products (your food and drink choices) fresh and cold!

Even as the seasons change one demand that remains constant throughout the world is the need for refrigeration. Large buffets and other big establishments have food and catering needs that must go fulfilled year round. From hotels to dining and entertainment, in well-known places like Vegas and Atlantic City, the catering industry relies on Howe Corp. and our ice flakes for the best cooling capacity on the market today. We’re perfect for the big events that are headed your way.

Coming into the holiday season makes it the perfect time to invest!

For over 50 years, Howe Corporation has provided ice flaker models designed for every aspect of the catering industry. From large capacity models for industrial caterers and wholesalers, to smaller models for local catering operations, and those on the move, our flake ice is the ideal ice form for your refrigeration needs.

One question we’re always asked is, “what makes us different?” And we’re happy to share!

Our flake ice has the most contact surface area of any other form of ice. This means more ice density for your cooling needs, beating out other common forms like crushed and cubed ice!

No matter what your role is in the catering industry, Howe has a model built for you!

Remember to keep an eye on us as the holiday season approaches this fall and your catering needs start to grow! Howe Corp. ice flakers are perfect for holidays Thanksgiving-New Year’s, and those beyond like Memorial Day and July 4th weekend through Labor Day!

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