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Howe Ice on Seafood
HoweIce® is best ice for preserving fresh seafood

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You produce some of the best seafood, we manufacture the Best flake ice machines. Let's team up and use HoweIce to keep your premium seafood the freshest possible. 

HoweIce® is best ice for preserving fresh seafood

We love talking about fresh seafood almost as much as we like talking about HoweIce®.

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Shafer Fisheries

“Howe Ice has been one of our top suppliers for over 20 years because they have always been there for us for Service, Reliability, Equipment Parts, Repair or anything really that we need very quick response time. Howe Flake Ice is ideal because it doesn’t damage the fish and has the most surface coverage. I always recommend Howe whenever possible, I am sure there are other lower cost options but between repair cost, down time and parts with other options Howe outperforms any lower cost option and goes straight to our bottom line. “

James Shafer

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